8 Best Vertical Shoulder Holster in 2022

Vertical shoulder holsters allow users to carry a firearm(s) under each arm. Typically, they are ambidextrous making them great for firearm owners. You can use them to carry a firearm and as a pouch for additional ammo.

In this post, we will review eight versatile vertical shoulder holster options. If you thought that’s it, think again. It also includes a guide to help you pick the right shoulder holster. From the straps, design, to a smooth draw, it will cover all the what and ifs of buying a holster.

Here are some of the best vertical holsters in the market.

Best Vertical Shoulder Holster Reviews

Editor’s Choice

Aker Leather Store 101 Comfort-Flex Holster

Vertical Shoulder Holsters

  • Made in the USA.
  • Reasonably priced.
  • Adjustable tension screws.
Premium Choice

Bianchi Gun Leather X15 Shoulder Holster

Vertical Shoulder Holsters

  • Affordable and premium option.
  • Superior grip.
  • Comfortable X-style harness.
Budget Choice

UTG Deluxe Vertical Shoulder Holster

Vertical Shoulder Holsters

  • Affordable polyester design with plastic buckles.
  • Interchangeable holster and double magazine pouch.
  • Shoulder panels reduce movement and help spread weight more evenly.


1. Aker Leather Store 101 Comfort-Flex Holster (Editor’s Choice)

Aker Leather Store 101 Comfort-Flex Holster

If you’re looking for a reliable shoulder holster, there’s no better choice. The Aker Leather 101 Comfort Flex Holster is a law enforcement tested product aimed to please firearm owners. This awesome fit gives you the look of a badass cop from your favorite movie.

This unique leather holster is specially crafted using the finest raw material. This USA-manufactured product features a brilliant contoured harness design.

The Aker Leather 101 Comfort Flex Holster comes with adjustable straps. The tension screws are adjustable and make a perfect fit for all chest sizes that are up to 62-inches.

The model is available in two colors—tan and black. We think the tan variant is stylish but the black option screams class.

It fits most commander and officer models and comes with side safety panels. The only negative point we could identify was it lacked dual safety and rails.

For the price, the product is quite amazing and promises a smooth draw whenever you want. When looking for shoulder holsters, you are sure to come across many products from the Aker Leather Store. Customers are loving the build and quality of the products making this our top recommendation.

  • Made in the USA.

  • Reasonably priced.

  • Adjustable tension screws.

  • Takes a lot of effort to put on.

2. Bianchi Gun Leather X15 Shoulder Holster (Premium Choice)

Bianchi Gun Leather X15 Shoulder Holster

The Bianchi Gun Leather X15 Shoulder Holster comes in two models. Each version is designed for a specific hand orientation. Whether you are right-handed or fall in the left-handed minority, Bianchi has the perfect solution for you.

This product is thoroughly constructed using full grain vegetable tanned cowhide. It boasts a dual spring design along. The retention strap provides maximum safety. This helps users draw their weapons out safely without compromising on speed.

The X-15 boasts a thumb snap closure and is very easy to wear. Besides that, its X-style harness offers maximum support and looks cool at the same time. Therefore, if you are on the hunt for an aesthetically pleasing vertical shoulder holster, this is it.

You get the perfect weight balance across your shoulders, thanks to the cross-back design.

Simply put, it is a premium choice for weapon owners who need to be quick on their feet.

Remember that it comes in different sizes for different guns. This is its biggest downside since you cannot predict a perfect fit. However, once you try a few of the Bianchi Gun Holsters, you’ll get an idea of which size to buy.

You can also pick the best fit by checking the product dimensions mentioned. If they are close to your gun’s size, go ahead. However, you should be having the exact measurements of your weapon.

  • Affordable and premium option.

  • Superior grip.

  • Comfortable X-style harness.

  • It may not fit all weapons. Be very careful of the size you buy.

3. UTG Deluxe Vertical Shoulder Holster (Budget Choice)

rUTG Deluxe Vertical Shoulder Holster

UTG manufactures some of the best holsters available. With their phenomenal gear, they have proved that vertical shoulder holsters aren’t limited to the cinema. They are very practical and extremely helpful in life-threatening situations.

The UTG Deluxe Vertical Shoulder Holster promises security and good looks. It boasts a unique universal design that fits most handguns.

Unlike leather holsters, this one comes with an inner lining to maintain your firearm’s finish. While polyester is used for the fabric, the buckles are durable plastic-made.

It does lack in terms of looks. But that’s a small drawback for the money you save. Undoubtedly, It is quite affordable and also one of the most versatile options on the list. Versatile because the holster and magazine pouch can be easily switched.

Not comfortable with a left-hand draw?

No problem, simply switch places of the holster and dual magazine pouch for a smooth draw.

That’s not all. The straps are completely adjustable and come with shoulder panels. These panels provide uniform weight distribution across the harness ensuring a comfortable fit. Additionally, the drop-down belts keep the holster in place without any movement.

For people in search of a vertical shoulder holster that gets the job done and is comfortable, this is a great option. The fact that it is reasonably priced only adds to its many benefits.

  • Affordable polyester design with plastic buckles.

  • Interchangeable holster and double magazine pouch.

  • Shoulder panels reduce movement and help spread weight more evenly.

  • Does not offer premium looks.

4. Alis Leather ALIS453 Vertical Shoulder Holster

Alis Leather ALIS453 Vertical Shoulder Holster

This shoulder holster comes with soft padding. This prevents any scratches to your firearm. It is a right-hand draw holster that hangs comfortably under the left shoulder. The case fits a double-stack 9mm and two magazines in reversed position.

The ALIS453 shoulder holster also holds most semi-autos with barrel size up to 5-inches like the Beretta 92.

With this shoulder holster, you get the freedom to move however you want. It offers a 7-way size adjustment with adjustable straps for maximum comfort.

The ALIS453 holster fits individuals with medium to XL chest size. But for sizes from XXL and larger, it will not fit.

This gear will add to your overall look and provide a practical way to carry your weapon around.

Alis leather has been in the business for over 35 years now. They manufacture state-of-the-art holsters made only using premium cowhide leather and vegetable dyes.

If you’re looking for a holster that is within your budget but also made from high-quality materials, this is a great pick. You can easily strap it onto your belt loops and get ready for a mission within minutes.

  • Premium build quality.

  • Value for money.

  • Available in black and brown.

  • The snaps open up while you’re seated.

5. Alis Leather KHS305 Leather Vertical Shoulder Holster

Alis Leather KHS305 Leather Vertical Shoulder Holster

Another phenomenal product from Alis Leather, the KHS305 Leather Shoulder Holster.

It is available in two colors, black and brown. This beautiful shoulder holster offers a versatile solution to carry your gun wherever you go. Although designed as a right-hand-oriented holster, you can also use it as a belt holster. To do so, simply take off the rigs and loop your belt through the slots.

This ensures a snug fit meaning it offers an easy draw and stylish look. Just like the ALIS453, the KHS305 fits only medium to XL chest sizes. But the difference is you get an extension with the KHS305. So, this extension is the perfect solution for larger body types. This extension is only included if you ask for it when placing your order.

So, if you’re a big man, don’t forget to ask for an extension. It’s free of cost!

The inner side of the holster is lined with soft leather to ensure your gun remains scratch-free. Also, it is designed to hold two-speed loaders side by side.  The speed loaders are secured in place with leather flaps.

In all, this is a versatile vertical shoulder holster that substitutes a belt holster whenever you want. It is crafted using premium cowhide leather available in two colors—brown and black leather.

  • Includes free extension on demand.

  • Amazing quality and handcrafted lining.

  • The combination of the holster and speed loader size is very off.

6. Uncle Mike’s Right Hand Vertical Shoulder Holster

Uncle Mike’s Right Hand Vertical Shoulder Holster

Before you get your hopes up, this is not a leather holster. But that does not mean it is not a good option. It is a rough and tough holster designed specially to last under pressure.

The Uncle Mike’s Shoulder Holster is ideal for recreational and professional users. The self-adjusting on-side loop keeps it close to your side. It comes with wide yet comfortable nylon straps paired with a self-centering backpiece.

For the price, you get a retention strap and adjustable buckle (with a snap!). These minor modifications allow users to hold the firearm in place without much movement.

It is designed to hold scoped firearms, so if you own one you can try this gear from Uncle Mike’s. The brand is quite popular and is present for a long time. It manufactures some of the best gear for firearms.

  • Ideal for rough use.

  • Can be used as a belt harness.

  • Not strong to hold heavier models.

  • The Comfort level is not as expected.

  • Looks are not so good.

7. Kingdom Holster ALS455 Vertical Shoulder Holster

Kingdom Holster ALS455 Vertical Shoulder Holster

This one from Kingdom Holster hangs comfortably under your left shoulder for a smooth right-hand draw. You can easily adjust the retention strap to secure the gun tightly in place. Like some premium holsters, the ALS455 also boasts a 7 Way Size Adjustment. This ensures a great fit and comfortable experience.

It fits chest sizes up to XL but for larger sizes, extension is available. If you require the extension, contact the seller and ask them to send an extension. They send it free of cost.

This product is much like the Alis Leather KHS305 holster with one major difference. It fits 6” barreled revolvers in comparison to the KHS305’s 4” frame.

Besides that, the ALS 455 Holster is more expensive than the option from Alis Leather.

Overall, it is a reliable and sturdy vertical shoulder holster for firearms. We loved how it looked and how comfortable it was. We recommend getting this holster only if the similar options are out of stock and you need a shoulder holster urgently.

  • Manufactured in the USA

  • High-quality product.

  • Fits 6” barreled revolvers.

  • Slightly expensive than similar shoulder holsters.

8. Bianchi Gun Leather X15 Auto Shoulder Holster

Bianchi Gun Leather X15 Auto Shoulder Holster

If you carry a big firearm that may not fit in standard-sized holsters, try the Bianchi X-15.

It can hold guns with up to 8” barrels. This makes an excellent companion on hunting trips. Its full-grain cowhide guarantees brilliant looks and when paired with the X-style harness, it is a match made in heaven.

The holster keeps the gun locked wherever you want it to be and the X-style harness distributes weight evenly. This makes the firearm much easier to carry.

It comes with a secondary retention strap that offers greater security and comfort. The only setback is it is made for vertical draw guns only. So, if you own a scoped gun, this may not be the best option for you.

  • Can hold guns with barrel size up to 8”.

  • Does not handle scoped guns.


Buying Guide For Choosing A Vertical Holster


Why should you own a vertical shoulder holster?

To understand the importance of owning a shoulder holster, it is necessary to know its benefits. Therefore, let’s talk about the advantages and disadvantages of a vertical shoulder holster, in the following section.


Pros and Cons of  Vertical Shoulder Holsters


Better Weight Distribution

If you’ve tried hip-mounted holsters, you know how uncomfortable things can get. But with shoulder holsters, the weight is uniformly distributed on your shoulders. For this reason, shoulder holsters are the best way for concealed carry.


Best Concealed Carry Option for Long Barreled Guns

Own a long-barreled firearm? Most holsters won’t fit your choice of weapon. Therefore, a shoulder holster is your only option in such a case. Thanks to shoulder holsters, you can easily carry your firearm on you without drawing too much attention.


Comfortable When Driving

Nothing is more uncomfortable than wearing a hip holster when driving. Thus, it is always a good idea to wear a vertical shoulder holster instead. Professionals recommend shoulder holsters if you want to carry a gun when driving. The reason is simple, shoulder holsters cannot be trapped by the seatbelt and are easier to draw.

You could go for an ankle holster but they are restricted to much smaller firearms.



Slower Draw Stroke

Shoulder holsters have their negative points too. One of them is their slow draw stroke. As compared to other types of holsters, shoulder holsters offer a much slower draw stroke.

However, the more you practice, the faster you will be able to draw the weapon.



Q: What is a vertical shoulder holster?

It is a type of holster that allows you to carry longer and heavier guns. Vertical holsters are the perfect solution for concealed carry and are much more comfortable. This is because the weight is equally distributed across the shoulders.


Q: How to wear a vertical shoulder holster?

Once you receive the rig, put it on. No need to place your weapon in it just yet. The first step is to check that all the straps are tightened properly. Make sure the cross straps are behind and the holster is under your arm.

Make sure that the straps are in the middle of your shoulders and cross just below your neck. This will guarantee a comfortable fit. Now, adjust the angle of the vertical holster. This may take some time to master, but you will get there.

Once done, you can easily carry your firearm wherever you want.




Many people don’t understand the importance of a vertical shoulder holster. This prevents them from buying a phenomenal product that is right in front of them. Once you know the benefits of owning a shoulder holster, you will not settle for any other holster. They do have their disadvantages but that does not change the fact that shoulder holsters are extremely comfortable.

They allow you to carry heavy and wide-barreled guns without getting unwanted attention. If you’re looking for the best vertical double holster, choose any of the eight amazing options on our list. However, if you want to find one yourself, don’t forget the pros and cons we mentioned above.

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