Vaultek VT20i Review – Is It The Best Value Biometric Gun Safe – 2022

The Vaultek VT20i is a high-quality biometric pistol safe without the hefty price tag, but is it the best value biometric gun safe? In this article, we take an in-depth look at the Vaultek VT20I review.

The Vaultek VT20i Review

vaultek vt20i review

  • Multiple Lock Systems

  • Bluetooth Enabled

  • Built-In Lights

  • Robust construction

  • USB Charging

  • Convenient remote operation/monitoring

  • Limited storage space

The most important feature of any gun safe is its ability to prevent unauthorized persons from accessing the contents of the safe. The Vaultek VT20i was designed to withstand a security breach with a combination of features that have been developed and assimilated into the Safe system. These features include.


Biometric fingerprint scanner

The safe comes with a high resolutions biometric fingerprint scanner. This feature ensures that only authorized personnel can access the safe by having their fingerprint scanned to open the safe.

A memory chip installed in the safe biometric system ensures that scanned and authorized fingerprints are kept safe and readily available to match any other prints which might be detected by the scanner. This system can accommodate up to 20 distinct fingerprints.


The digital keypad

The Vaultek VT20i also has a digital keypad as a secondary lock system. This system which has over 40000 number combinations and a proximity sensor is a fail-safe system that you can use when the biometric fingerprint scanner malfunctions and offline.

The digital keypad’s proximity sensor is very handy in the dark.

It allows you to punch in your code without having to make mistakes or guessing at night. A 40000 number combination input system will certainly discourage any person from trying to access the contents of the safe.

In case you decide to use a really long combination for your passcode you could just simply use hotkey functions that are readily available on the digital keypad.


A manual key with a concealed key slot

A key to unlock the safe is provided to make sure that when both the digital keypad and the biometric fingerprint scanner are off the air you can easily access the safe. The key is dual-sided to prevent anyone from duplicating the key.

Well if you think it’s still easy to get through, then you would be baffled to find that the key slot is concealed and it’s going to be very difficult to find it if you aren’t the owner of the safe.

Only two keys are provided for this safe, one being the spare key which you can keep at a secure location and use when the other key is lost. The Vaultek safe has other body features that enhance the security that the safe can provide. How the bodywork of any safe is built could determine if anyone can vandalize it with ease to gain access to whatever is inside the safe.

It’s important to pay adequate attention to this detail in order to buy a good safe. The body of the safe is constructed from 16 gauge high tensile steel, coated with a corrosion-resistant agent to prevent rusting and offer long-term durability.

The Vaultek has inbuilt reinforcement bars which make it very difficult to pry with any tools ranging from a crowbar to pry bars. You don’t want anyone easily opening your safe without having a key or a code combination of even your fingerprint. So this is the kind of safe that will make guarantee protection to your firearms on a whole new level

Robbers who attempt to break in any safe or house through the door prefer using the weakness of the hinges. Whenever hinges are built on the exterior side of a safe it’s quite easy for a burglar to saw through them and gain entry. The Vaultek VT202i has its hinges built on the interior part of the safe to counter this problem.

Any safe with multiple parts constructed and joined together presents weaknesses that can be exploited by anyone attempting to break into the safe. The Vaultek has a single-unit body design to offer extra body construction strength.

Cable mounts with an expeditious release system enable you to retrieve the safe without any difficulties. Securing a safe at home prevents children from picking it up from your hiding places which could very well be in the reach of children.

An extra steel cable is included in the package, it’s purpose is to reinforce the mounting security provided by any mounting kit.

Safe lighting

Interior lighting is provided by sensitive LED which provides soft lighting, this type of lighting ensures that you can see the contents of your safe without having to flood the room with light

Exterior lighting includes the proximity-sensitive digital pad lighting which helps you to see the numbers on the code so that you can input your passcode to open the safe.

vaultek vt20i review

Remote Bluetooth application 

Of all the security and technological features, the remote Bluetooth mobile phone application which allows you to complete actions on the safe is one of the most iconic features that the Vaultek safe provides. The safe has an inbuilt blue tooth device that communicates with a blue tooth app that you can download on your phone. The app allows you to;

  1. See the status of the battery, which helps you know whether you need to recharge the batteries or not.
  2. Detect if anyone attempted to break into the safe at any moment. This feature is facilitated by the proximity and touch-sensitive pads built into the safe.
  3. Allows you to monitor the people who might have logged into the safe using the fingerprint scanner or passcode.
  4. It also enables you to remove and add a set of fingerprints for access authorization.
  5. You might feel that the interior lighting of the Safe is too bright or too dim, without having to manually control it you can certainly adjust it remotely from your mobile phone

This system is very advanced and allows you to manage the security of the safe without having to open it.

The sort of security provided by this safe requires it to have a reliable power source, this the Vaultek gun safe is powered by lithium-ion batteries which only need just 2 and a half hours for a full recharge. The batteries could run for several months without having to be recharged hence this safe is ideal for travel.


Extra accessories

Think it’s amazing yet? The designers of this model also threw in a few extras to sweeten the deal;

  • The ValtekVT20i safe comes with a USB charging cable to offer versatility if you want to carry the safe with you on a trip.
  • An extra pack of lithium batteries in case one pack goes bust. An AC adapter that you can use on any AC terminal to recharge your safe is also part of the package.
  • The package comes with a Philips utility screwdriver and an operation instruction manual. The guide ensures you get to understand how to use some of the complex features of the safe including the blue tooth app without any difficulty.

Weight &Dimensions

The Vaultek VT20i weighs 3.2 kilograms, quite light for a standard safe which can house a standard semi-automatic pistol and any other goods you wish to keep secure.

Interior: 11.0″ x 5.75″ x 2.0″ with a soft lining pad to protect the firearm from damage.

Exterior: 11.5″ x 9″ x 2.75″ 16 gauge corrosion-resistant steel-cased to provide strength and prevent the safe from being broken into.


Vaultek vt20i – FAQs


Q: What is a biometric safe?

A: The biometric or the fingerprint safes are just like ordinary safes or lockers; the only difference being they use your fingerprints to open up. The Vaultek vt20i allows you to have multiple locks which can be programmed easily for your family. The biometric safe is faster and easier to operate.


Q: How to unlock the safe?

A: for unlocking the safe, all you have to do is scan your finger or swipe it on the lock then the lock will recognize your fingerprint and open the lock.


Q: Are Vaultek vt20i locks secure?

A: Vaultek vt20i locks are highly secure, even more than traditional digital or mechanical. In comparison, biometric safes are more accurate as they could be opened by your unique fingerprint only. No one can steal or copy your fingerprint, manipulate to get the combination, or anything else. Your presence is always mandatory!


Q: What are the Pros of a Vaultek vt20i lock?

A: The most common pros of installing a Vaultek vt20i are as follows:

  • It offers the quickest access; more specifically, it opens the safe in just 1-2 seconds, and you can quickly get access.
  • In case of an emergency, you can immediately access it.
  • There’s no need to carry a key or keep the combination in mind.
  • User friendly.
  • You can have access to your content only. There are no chances of errors as no two people could have the same fingerprint.


Q: What are the Cons of a Vaultek vt20i lock?

A: A few of the common cons of installing a Vaultek vt20i are as follows

  • Fingerprint detection might be an issue if you are a musician, a laborer, or anyone who gets regular cuts or ridges on their fingers.
  • Aged people might not get the correct fingerprint every time.
  • Moisture, dirt, glue, lotions might cause issues in reading the fingerprint.


Q: What Power does a Vaultek vt20i safe take?

A: A Vaultek vt20i safe takes a 9V battery or AA batteries to operate. This will last for a year almost depending on how much you use it. Another option for Vaultek biometric safes, a rechargeable battery of lithium-Ion could be used.


Q: What if my fingerprints don’t work?

A: The Vaultek vt20i safes always have other options to open the safe if you are having issues. Your lock might get stuck, or the battery is down, or the lock has failed. The company will provide you with an override key to enter the safe.




As we wind up the Vaultek VT20i review, it’s clear to see it would at least be in the running for the most affordable yet high-quality biometric pistol safe.

Its portability also allows for versatile use as you can even carry it around under your arm or shove it in any convenient spot like beneath your car seat. To top it off, it fully meets all TSA guidelines and regulations of gun safes hence it is primarily safe to be carried around!

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