Sentry Gun Safe Review 2022 – Are The Any Good?

If you’re looking for an affordable, compact, single pistol safe that is secure and made from reputable manufacture? Then look no further, in this article we will take an in-depth look at the sentry gun safe review and exactly what makes it so special.


Sentry Gun Safe Review

Every individual who owns a firearm should be primarily concerned about the safety and the level of security which should be provided by the safe in which the store said firearm.

The Sentrysafe QAP1BE gun-safe is a well-known make of handgun safe, in this article we take an in-depth look at the sentry gun safe review.


Sentry Safe - Biometric Pistol Safe Review


  • Silent operation

  • Portable and easily concealed

  • High-end biometric technology

  • Limited capacity


Ease of access

Speed and ease of access to any gun safe are mainly attributed to adequate yet indistinct lighting. You want to be able to see in the dark when accessing your firearm however you also don’t want the lighting system of the safe to draw any attention in the dark.

The QAP1BE provides an adequate lighting system contained inside the safe so that you can see your gun while retrieving it. The digital keypad used as a backup security feature also gives off adequate and inconspicuous lighting.

The gas strut system enables the safe to open automatically, however, it has been noted that with some units the gas strut certainly malfunctions, and the safe only opens part way. This might even prevent you from accessing your gun.

It’s worth noting that the QAP1BE safe has an advanced system because this strut system uses a more reliable semi-automatic hinge manipulation technique. This semi-automatic hinge is far superior to conventional systems, which force you to use a hand to gain entry.


Security features of the QAP1BE gun safe

The most important feature of any safe is the security it can provide against theft. The sentry safe QAP1BE gun safe has a biometric fingerprint system that allows access only to the person whose fingerprint it recognizes. This means any other person trying to pry through the safe cannot have access to its contents.

The high contact sensitivity of the biometric system enables quick and easy access without having to fumble work the fingerprint sensor.


SentrySafe QAP1BE Gun Safe with Biometric Lock, 1 Capacity


Biometric features are the next-gen tech, using recognition of body features as a security measure. This feature prevents people from gaining access to your safe without serious effort. Single manual lock systems can easily be bypassed, however, it’s hard to forge a fingerprint and bypass the biometric system.

Some safes have been known to use retina scanner features, however, those tend to be more difficult to use during the night’s low light levels. This issue creates a problem, as of course, this is the period of time when they should function at their optimum.

In addition to the fingerprint sensor, the safe has a digital lock system allowing you to input a code for access. This system was set up as a backup just in case the biometric system is offline or has been damaged. These double security features are essentially important to prevent any person from prying through the safe after having a lucky guess on the first security feature.

An extra security feature is a backup keypad allowing access through a single key with anti forging features, preventing access to the safe without an original key.

This feature acts as a backup access system to allow you into the safe when the digital keypad and the biometric fingerprint systems are unserviceable. The designers chose this over a manual lock-up system, which is considerably slower than the biometric fingerprint scanner. Well, and a whole lot noisier since the keys would be clanging on the lock pad. Also, a crowbar could easily cripple a sole lock key.

This eventual triple lockup and the backup system are more difficult to breach. It also offers a backup method for the owner to gain access to the gun safe without having to vandalize it. A forgotten key code in times of crisis is more common than you may think!

This safe is equipped with anti-prying features constructed from steel. These features prevent any person from trying to open the safe with any crowbar or whatever tool they have at their disposal. The steel case is rigid and robust to prevent any material from being slipped through the edges of the gun safe.

For a standard handgun safe, the Sentry safe QAP1BE certainly has some remarkable lockup systems which are secure and enables speedy access to your gun!

You could be asking, what if the thief picks up my gun safe and carries it off to who knows where? Well, the QAP1BE Sentry safe arrives with several bolt fittings. These fittings mean the safe can be firmly affixed to anything immobile, preventing it from being carried away. Most gun owners find this safe suitable for bedside drawers where the safe can be easily mounted.


Sound inhibiting features

In all, considerations when buying a handgun, you want to be able to retrieve it quickly without making much noise, attracting attention from whoever is breaking into your home is not the result you are after.

The QAP1BE sentry safe is equipped with a strut gas utility system which helps you open it without making any noise from metal screeching. This feature is useful when your safe is kept close to your bed. You don’t want to inadvertently wake up your sleeping partner when retrieving your gun, causing a noisy panic.


Dimensions & Weight

The sentry safe weighs just 12 pounds. If you are looking for a portable safe which you could carry around in your car, then this is the ideal safe for you. You can easily place it inside your car glove compartment or even in your trunk. Most of its weight is attributed to the steel casing which is mainly a safety feature to prevent vandalism.

The exterior dimensions of the QAP1BE sentry safe are as follows, its length is 12.1 inches by 9.9 inches in width and a height of 3.2 inches. The interior dimensions are as follows: 9.7 inches length 6.7 inches width and a height of 2.2 inches.

The thickness of the steel used to manufacture any safe can certainly be detrimental to the damage the safe can take before failing. Any steel thickness ranging from 6 to 12 gauge would be most appropriate in keeping your gun safe.

You should note the thickness increases with the decreasing value of the gauge. The 6 gauge is thicker than the 12 gauge and the thicker the steel the more you get to pay for any safe.

It is important to consider every aspect of the security of your potential safe, so understanding its fire rating is a feature not to overlook. The ability of your gun safe to maintain a lower temperature inside while subjected to higher temperatures outside is important.

The heat conditions outside could determine how much damage is done to your firearm. Any house fire could have temperatures as high as 1100 Fahrenheit degrees so needs to be thoroughly heat resistant.


Buying Guide


Price & certification

At a price range of around 150 US dollars depending on the retail outlet, it’s pretty affordable and well worth every penny spent! The QAP1BE gun safe is a California DOJ-certified gun safe. You can rest assured that no access glitches will happen. It was subjected to thorough and rigorous compliance tests pre-launch and found to be totally beyond required standards.


Capacity & Concealability

The Sentrysafe QAP1BE has a capacity that accommodates only one standard-sized handgun, making it an excellent option for single-gun owners. This lack of space would be a disadvantage to anyone owning more than one firearm. However, one benefit of its smaller size is its inconspicuous nature. You would certainly never think it’s a gun safe by looking at its profile from outside!

It’s a trade-off when it comes to these features and gun users have to consider which feature they value the most. Generally, if are more mobile with your weapon you may need to store guns in different locations around your home/office. This would mean the smaller size of the safe is beneficial as it is easily transported.

Similarly, if you store your firearms in one place, rarely taking them out, a larger safe is the better option.

Whenever you decide to buy a pistol with safety concerns in mind, it means you value the safety of your property which includes yourself and your family. Gun ownership has been a sensitive issue particularly when it comes to who gets to own a gun.

It’s quite a huge responsibility to own a gun, given the fact that a gun in the wrong hands could spell havoc for a neighborhood and even a state at large. As such, it’s essential to safeguard the weapon when you decide to purchase one.

Sentry Gun Safe review

Special Manufacturer features

The exterior of the gun safe is made from solid steel, preventing anyone from easily breaking into the safe. That toughened steel casing is ideal in keeping the safe resistance to hammer or ax blows.

Another important safety feature to consider is interior ‘comfort’ for the gun itself. Guns are susceptible to damage; thus the QAP1BE comes with a soft foam lining. This soft textured lining prevents the metal from denting and scraping the gun. Now, that is a storage value policy; whatever is stored in the safe should be given adequate protection, maintaining the longevity of the weapon.

A safe is no use if not properly cared for because it will fail just when you need it! The QAP1BE safe is equipped with 4 AA batteries to facilitate the biometric and digital keypad lock systems.  Sentrysafe advises every user of this safe to acquire original and high-quality brand AA batteries which have a massive 8-years capacity to avoid bio-metric system failure from a lack of adequate power source.


Any gun trigger locks?

A lot of people certainly would prefer their safe to have trigger lock functions. The QAP1BE sentry safe doesn’t have these features, however, since its security features are robust, it’s difficult to fire a gun while inside the safe.

The soft foam lining can also be custom-made, fitting the shape of your gun, preventing movement when the gun is inside. Trigger accidents are common when something embeds itself onto the firearm trigger and ricochets on the surface of the trigger.



Buying Guide

Are Sentry Gun Safes any good?

Yes, Sentry gun safes are reliable and robust. They keep your firearms protected against the elements and away from prying eyes.

This model especially is portable and easy to access. The Sentry Biometric Gun safe operates quietly and uses high-end technology to operate. Its best asset is its amazing lineup of security features. Some of them are.


Best Biometric fingerprint reader on the market

Simple locking safes can easily be bypassed. However, Sentry Gun Safes are difficult to break into as they come with biometric locking systems. The safe can be opened quickly and safely using your fingerprints.


Backup keypad

In case you cannot access the safe with your fingerprint, it comes with an additional function. You can use the keypad to enter a preset pin to open it.


Anti-prying construction

This protects the safe from any attempt to break into it using a crowbar. The steel case is robust and prevents any material from slipping into it through the edges.



How many firearms can the safe hold?

Will it be enough to accommodate your firearm(s)?

Make sure to check the dimensions before you decide. If the safe is small and cannot store all your firearms, get a bigger-sized safe.



Smaller safes are typically more inconspicuous given their size. No one suspects them to be gun safes and your firearm is easily concealed. You can hide it in plain sight without anyone suspecting a thing. But we don’t recommend leaving the vault in the open where anyone can try to tamper with it.


Type of Locking System

Is it a digital safe, a combination safe, or a biometric safe?

Make sure to check the specifications before you buy.




Q: Is it important to own a gun safe?

Yes, it is very important to own a gun safe. Firearm owners must take every precaution possible to keep their weapons safe. It can be stolen and used against their knowledge to hurt someone. If such a scenario occurs, the firearm’s owner will be behind bars even if they did not commit the crime.

To avoid any misuse of your weapon, make sure to store it safely in a secure vault. For this, there’s no better option than getting a robust gun safe.



So that’s it for our in-depth Sentry Gun Safe review, buying guide, and related questions. We hope that this helps to answer if this is the best biometric gun safe for you or not.

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