How to Move a 1000 LB Gun Safe

If storage safety is a primary concern for you, as it really should, then a 1000 pound safe or above is probably the best choice when it comes to providing security for your precious firearms. “But how to move a 1000 lb gun safe?” I hear you ask

A 1000 lb safe is a pretty handy beast that provides the best service in security and storage space. The only problem comes when you have to move the safe, because these safes are heavy, weighing in at, you guessed it, 1000 lbs, which is a lot of weight.

Therefore, it becomes crucial to have a strategic plan on how you will move the safe. Moving a 1000 lb safe is a mammoth task, but it can be relatively seamless with the right tools and a perfect plan.

In this brief article, we will go over all the variables you need to consider when planning to move your 1000 lb gun safely and how to come up with a strategic plan based on those variables.

What do you need to consider?

  • The distance you want to move, the safe!

Distance is probably one of the most important things you need to consider when moving your safe. If you plan to move it just a few feet away from its current position, you can work with very little manpower and fewer tools.

Knowing beforehand the distance you plan to move helps you in making decisions for other variables.

It would help if you also considered whether you are moving the safe on a flat surface or moving it to a different floor. Moving the safe through a staircase changes the dynamics staggeringly, and it needs to be established well beforehand to enable you to make the correct decisions.

  • The dimensions of the safe!

Not all 1000 lb safes are the same size, and we really cannot work with a one size fits all approach when it comes to moving these safes. This then makes it very important to know your safe dimensions before you craft out a moving plan.

You can easily find this information in the safe’s manual or on the packaging, but if for some reason you no longer have both of these, you can always go old school and use your tape measure to measure these dimensions.

  • The dimensions of your doors, passages, and paths!

Another essential aspect that should be considered is the doorways’ dimensions if you plan to move the safe out of the room. The passageways’ dimensions are also important, especially if you plan to have some people to help you move the safe.

Both the safe and the people should be able to fit through the passageways comfortably. If you are moving the safe upstairs or downstairs using an elevator, then the elevator doorway and the elevator Itself should be a significant consideration.

  • Manpower!

It is essential to understand that you will be carrying 1000 lb of steel, and even if you are the strongest man out there, doing it alone will not be pleasant at all. It is essential to try and get all the help you can get.

Basing on the dimensions of your safe and the spaces you will need to pass through while carrying the safe, you can develop the perfect plan to move the safe.

  • Safety!

Considering safety is of paramount importance when planning to move your 1000 lb safe. 1000 lb of steel is enough to cause serious injury.

This means you need to have all the safety gear in place, including gloves, steel-tipped shoes, and if there is going to be lifting off the safe it is always a good idea to have ropes and straps in place.

Everyone involved in moving the safe should have adequate safety gear. Getting injured in the process is something that you wouldn’t want to happen.

Creating the moving plan!

Once you have all the information you need, the next step will be formulating the moving plan. When creating the plan, all the above considerations should be individually looked at to ensure that the plan Is fail-proof and, most importantly, safe.

When planning the moving routes, you should try by all means to choose the shortest route. Carrying a 1000 lb is not light work and should be done as quickly as possible.

As important as it is to find the shortest route, it is vital to ensure that we do not compromise on safety in choosing a shorter route. The entire moving plan should be hinged on safety, and everything else comes second.

The plan should have all the information on who will be standing where, rest points, and all the tools and techniques you will use to get the gun safe to the safest position. Be sure to consult the people you will be moving the 1000 lb safe with on the plan. Their input is very important as they will be an integral part of the moving process.

Another thing that is important when making especially when moving the safe downstairs or upstairs, is that carrying a safe up or down a flight of stairs is not easy. The small space between the stair rails makes it difficult for some people to carry the gun-safe through.

Using a furniture dolly can make the task of moving your 1000 lb safe up or down a flight of stairs easier.

Moving the 1000 lb gun safe!

Once you come up with a comprehensive and strategic plan with specific routes and the number of people who will help you move the safe, the next step will be to move the safe.

The most important aspect is to follow your plan through. There are some general tips that you should follow.

  • Wear protective gear at all times!

Gun safes are heavy and can cause injuries. This makes protective gear of utmost importance. When carrying a 1000 lb safe, a steel-tipped shoe might be the only thing standing between you and a severed foot.

That is why it is of utmost importance to have your safety gear on at all times until you are done moving the 1000 lb gun safe. Gloves with a substantive grip are also necessary. Stainless steel is a little slippery, and having these gloves son will help ensure a firm grip between you and the gun safe.

  • Empty the safe!

Firearms are heavy, and adding their weight to the already heavy 1000 lb gun safe will not be a good idea. Removing your guns from the safe before carrying them will make it a lot easier for you to move them, especially if you will be moving them manually without a furniture dolly. Removing your guns will also allow you to easily clean the safe and your precious firearms before they are safely secured in their new place.

  • Carrying the safe!

When it comes to a 1000 lb gun safe, it’s usually best to use a moving dolly when possible, but if you have to, then the best carrying technique is first to get as close as you can to the safe. Once you lift it, keep your back straight and avoid twisting your upper body.

It would be best if you did not lift the safe very high unless it is thoroughly necessary. This will help maintain your posture. Use your legs to move around, avoiding changing your upper body orientation. You will be carrying the safe with others and ensure that there is thorough and clear communication between all the involved parties.

When you have reached your destination, communicate with the other partners you are carrying the safe with and slowly lower the safe until it reaches the ground. Putting the safe down should not be done in haste to prevent injuries.

It is also important to take constant breaks to allow yourself to catch a breath along the way. Carrying a 1000 lb pound safe is not light work.


Final Thoughts

As we wind up, How to move a 1000 lb gun safe, remember, there is also no shame in hiring a professional company to move your safe for you.

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