How To Cut Foam For Gun Case – Easy Guide

The foam in your gun case is vital for many reasons. Primarily, gun case foam will provide invaluable protection for your firearms. Foam is just brilliant because you can keep it so close to your guns, offering so much more protection than a case alone.

But how do you cut said foam? Well, today we’ll explore the best ways how to cut foam for gun case and which foams to buy. Let’s take a look, shall we?

How To Cut Foam For Your Gun Case:

  1. You’ll need to identify your size requirements. To do this, lay all your guns and accessories in the order that you want them in your case. Make sure that you space everything out with 0.5 of an inch of extra room, as this will allow you to easily access your guns when they’re in the case. Now, measure the tallest piece of kit and add an inch to this, to gauge the internal height that you’ll need.
  2. Make sure you choose a case that will fit the dimensions that you just recorded. There’s no point in cutting foam if nothing will fit!
  3. Prepare 3 sheets of foam. Two of the pieces should be thin, as they’ll go on the lid and the base. The last sheet should be thicker. To get the thickness of this piece of foam, take the internal height of the case and subtract the height of the largest piece from this number. Next, half this number and add half an inch. This will ensure a snug yet accessible fit.
  4. Secure the foam using a clamp or anything else that you have at your disposal. Place your kit on the foam and trace around them, then cut a ¼ of an inch inside this line to allow for the snug and accessible fit.
  5. Take the cut-out insert out.
  6. Place the foam in your case and you’re good to go!

How To Cut Foam For Your Gun Case


You always need to be safe when doing any kind of DIY. Here are some quick tips:

  • Wear protective gloves– when working with knives, it’s a good idea to wear gloves. They can protect you from cuts and are all-around brilliant for your safety.
  • Wear goggles if using an electric knife- they can be downright dangerous, so protect yourself with some goggles.
  • Ask for professional help if you need it- this can save your sanity as well as your safety. If you feel out of your depth, call for a professional’s help.

Other Tips:

  1. What Foam Should You UseUse another piece of foam to have a practice. If you’ve never done this before, then there’s a high chance you could mess it up! Best to practice on an old piece of foam before you waste time and money on your only piece of quality foam.
  2. Use the best quality tools for an easier cut. If you can, get your hands on an electric carving knife and a good clamp. This will make your job easier and more efficient. If you can’t get these, an Exacto knife will do, but it’ll be less accurate and efficient.
  3. Make sure you get the right size case. Don’t go overboard and get a case that’s way too big- you’ll be traveling with it, so you’ll want something manageable.
  4. Use toothpicks to trace your items.
  5. If you mess up your cutting, you can always use all-purpose glue to stick it back on.
  6. Pick and pluck’ foam may be easier for you to use.
  7. Chalk can be a great way to trace around your weapon and accessories. It’s great for marking as you can wash it off!
  8. Create a hole beside each weapon or accessory to make it easier to access.

Why Cut Your Own Foam?

Cutting foam for your gun case usually comes down to two reasons:

  1. The original foam is broken or needs replacing.
  2. The original foam is not up to standards.

What Foam Should You Use?

There are a variety of foams to use with your foam case, here are some options that would make a great gun case foam:

  • What Foam Should You UsePolyurethane Foam- used for packing and shipping, this foam will sink into place, rather like memory foam.
  • Charcoal Foam- this foam’s entire purpose is to fill cases, making it an excellent option for your gun case foam. It’s black in color too, so will look discrete and sleek.
  • High-Density Foam- Used mostly in the furniture industry, the high-density foam will offer great protection for your guns.
  • Closed-Cell Foam- this one would be great for heavier firearms, due to its extreme density and tensile strength. You’ll see it most commonly in exercise mats and aerobic equipment.

Foams To Avoid:

  • Memory foam– this was designed for mattresses and therefore is unsuitable for a gun case.
  • Latex rubber foam– Again, this has been designed for mattresses, so definitely one to avoid.
  • Dry fast foam– This foam is designed to deal with high volumes of liquid, so there isn’t really a place for it in your gun case.


So, there’s a comprehensive guide on how to cut foam for gun case. Do it right, and your gun case and foam will last you a lifetime. It’s definitely worth taking your time and getting it right because it’ll save you so much time in the long run.

Choose a high-quality foam and get the measurements right for a perfect result. We hope this guide has cleared and queries and happy cutting!

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