How To Build A Gun Safe And Save A Fortune

How To Build A Gun Safe And Save A Fortune

If you’re afraid of burglars getting their hands on your jewels and other valuables, keeping a gun or two is a smart solution. However, you as well as those you trust in your household should be the ones to have access to it in case a burglar does decide to break into your house to steal your precious things.

It’s been reported that every year about 600,000 firearms get stolen from not only vehicles but also businesses and households from all over the United States. With such a scary statistic in mind, it is no wonder that you need to get yourself a gun safe. Of course, not everyone can afford one, and if you happen to be one who falls into this particular camp, then this is just the article for you.


The Purpose of Making Your Own Gun Safe

While there are plenty of gun safe options available in the market, there are different reasons why homeowners want to DIY their own gun safe. Usually, the highest quality gun safes are the ones that are the most expensive, whereas the incredibly cheap ones may not be in a position to provide owners with the production and interior space that they’re looking for.

Besides that, some customers normally don’t end up with a model that they want, even though there are a variety of models out there. It just means that there isn’t one that fulfills your special requirements.

That’s why some feel that it is better for them to makeshift their own gun safe. Some people do this because they have the time for it or just like building items from wood and other materials, or mainly because they wish to cut down on their spending. One thing’s for sure, making a gun safe, or any safe for that matter is a demanding endeavor to undertake.

So unless you’re someone who can actually take care of this, we wouldn’t advise you to do so. But if you are, then keep reading on and we’ll show you how to make your own gun safe or cabinet.


Methods to keep the gun safe

Every gun holder wants an easy access gun safe and there are different methods available to make your own gun safe such as building your own gun cabinet, building a gun safe out of wood, building a gun rack for a wall, closet gun safe, secret compartment, drawer gun safe, or even build a gun safe room.

All of them are affordable gun safe and they are also cheaper. For the purpose of this article, we have mentioned some of the homemade gun safe.

Gun Cabinet

Who would want to go and spend extra money on the gun safe when it can be easily done at home on our own? The wooden gun safe and homemade gun locker is the easiest option to go and we will tell you why.

Before jumping onto the steps we would recommend you keep your gun safe from the risk of being stolen or to keep it out of the reach of the children at home. I know it is difficult to keep things away from them and that’s why you need to read how to keep a gun safe at home easily.

You don’t have to be an artist or a constructor to build the gun safe. A simple safe can be created by anyone which is both secure and can be made without much hands-on experience. The tools required to make a gun cabinet aren’t that complex, you basically only need an electric drill, some drill bits, a good saw, and a plyboard to start with.


Wooden Gun Cabinet

Let’s jump in to learn about fully functional gun cabinets. Since you will be making your own gun cabinet, you can easily customize it as per your need and preference.

The cabinet can be big or small or they can be of different types such as wooden gun cabinet, hidden gun cabinet, glass-front gun cabinet, wall gun cabinet, and rifle cabinet plans (with a used rack or repurposed cabinet). Without any further due, let’s get to know about the steps.


Step 1: Planning the layout of the cabinet

layout gun cabinet

We have mentioned different types of cabinets above, but for the purpose of this article, we will go with a wooden cabinet, which is easily accessible for both guns and rifles with extensive barrels. The first step before starting anything new is to plan before, here also we will plan the layout of the pieces with what their measurements will be and how and where they will each be positioned.

Once you have decided to go with a wooden cabinet, then you also need to decide which type of wood you require. For the wooden cabinet you will need to have the below-mentioned items:

  • Pencil
  • Electric Screwdriver
  • Tape measure
  • Saw
  • Drill Bits
  • Electric Drill
  • Multiple one-inch sheets of plywood
  • Padlocks
  • Latch
  • Retainer Clips for glass
  • Knobs
  • Sanding Paper
  • Galvanized screws of steel
  • Hinges
  • ¼-inch of plexiglass
  • Stain to apply on wood

Step 2: Make use of the wood

wood for gun cabinet

Once you have the wood, the next thing is to have the gun cabinet dimensions such as (6ft. x 4ft. x 2ft.) height, width, and depth. For these dimensions, you need to have the plywood sheets first and then place them on the clean floor and start measuring them. It is better to have a tape for exact measurement and mark it with a pencil.

The sides are six ft in length and two ft across.

  • You should start with one sheet, then go to its bottom and start measuring it upwards for around six ft. Once you do that, mark it as this will be the cabinet’s length.
  • After marking the length, measure four ft. over the plywood’s second long end to have the width. After that, you will have a single side of the cabinet.
  • Repeat the last point again to have the measurements and marking for the other side of the plywood sheet. Now you have the different sides of the cabinet. Make sure you have the exact measurements to keep the front and also the backside of the cabinet symmetrical.

We are done with the sides of the cabinet, for both top and the bottom of our cabinet will be both four ft. lengthy and two ft. wide.

  • To make these, other two plywood sheets will be required. This will give the cabinet the base to stand on and also the top to cover it.

After this, we are done with the required dimensions for different angles of the cabinet. The next thing in line is to cut the wood along with sanding the raw edges. The most convenient way to drill the plywood precisely is through the table saw.

We are done with the 2 steps in the process of making our wooden gun cabinet but do make sure to spend careful time here on the accurate measurement and carefully chopping the wood as all the subsequent steps will be based on it.

Step 3: Prepare the frame for the cabinet

Prepare the frame for cabinet

In the previous steps we have cut the pieces for both the front and the back, now we need to pick a piece for each side. You can put the gun case into the wall, but other than that you would need good-looking plywood on the front side to be visible. For that keep aside the plywood on the front.

  • Screwing the Side Panels: After keeping the front piece aside, you need to have another piece for the back of the cabinet. Once that’s done, set and also install the side panel as a side flush panel across the piece on the back to let the edges touch. Then, after the gap of six inches, put the screw on the panel’s side. Do the same to the other edge.
  • Screwing the Top along the Base: For both panels on top and the bottom, you need to cut the length such that they don’t extend over the other side panels. Don’t overlook this step as if it is not done properly it can cause trouble in the future.

Then move towards gluing the other pieces of wood down from the top for six inches. This will make sure they stand still properly and don’t fall on the other sides. Once the door is installed, then it is important to go over the hinges so that the weapon does not go to the wrong person. We are almost there, just need to check a few more things before we are done with our cabinet frame.

  1. First, measure the plywood’s width and then double that width. That number will then be deducted from the complete measurement of both top and the bottom pieces of plywood.
  2. Note that we talked about reducing the length in point 1 without the width right now. Edges to the top and the bottom panels will be flat now against the side panel edges and back plywood.
  3. Then the top and the bottom panels will be screwed on the back after every two and one ft. of the side panels.

Here comes the end of step 3 with the almost done gun cabinet. The next step is to work on the front cover and set up the placement of the door.

Step 4: Wood chopping for the holster

Wood chopping

The frames are done, now we need a place that can hold the firearms. To do that you need to have two wood pieces with the exact depth of two ft. calculate and then cut both in the dimensions with two ft. for length x six in for width.

Now come to the interior of the cabinet where you will put the glue on one from the set of two pieces, at a distance of six inches from the bottom to use it as the shelf. To hold the barrel of the gun, cut simply six, one in x one in notches.

After you are done with this, put glue on the left pieces of wood six inches down the top. This will work as the primary storage place for the guns and will keep them standing straight and not fall onto the other sides.

Step 5: Installing the Door

wood door

Now we have come to the door frame of our gun cabinet. In this wooden gun safe cabinet, we will go for the front door of glass. The door will make the whole cabinet look classy. If you prefer to utilize the plywood that we had before in the steps as the solid cover, then you can also go for it. For that, you would need to repeat the exact steps down to your plywood piece.

Attaching the hinges: to make sure the door is securely locked, you will need to install the hinges first. You can find a variety of attractive hinges from your local store. You should have two hinges for the single cabinet frame’s edge. The distance should be six inches far from the top and the bottom.

Taking the plywood on the front you set aside in the steps above. Calculate four inches first from the edges and after that connect the marks to have a big rectangle on the inside. Now you just need to alter the solidified plywood into the glass frame by just cutting along the lines.

Attaching the Plexiglass: Now you have to measure the plexiglass to show your guns. The dimensions for plexiglass should be the same as we had for the wooden front (six ft x four ft x two ft). For cutting it, we can use a simple saw such as a jigsaw.

Now you can glue it either on the sides of the frame or glue the edges of the retainer clips. Once you do that then turn around the door such that the wooden frame is facing outwards and then properly secure it with hinges.

Congrats, we are done with the door for our cabinet but don’t forget to have the safety lock to the sides over the hinges. This will prevent the weapons to get in the wrong hands.

Step 6: Sand and Paint

sand and paint

We have a come long way and now we are not left with some final touches. After the door is installed you should sand the wood to remove splinters or to get rid of any other potential problems. It will also give a fresh and finish look to the cabinet.

The next step is to paint the cabinet. The color preference should be off-guard neutral colors which can be easily blended with the color on the background. Start with painting the primer first before applying the real color, also add an extra layer of the coating to even out the color and prevent the cabinet from getting hurt.

Step 7: Adding Caulk to the Safe

Adding Caulk to the Safe

The caulk is used to protect your walls and the floors from the attack of insects and also from the air and you can also use it for your cabinet.  Just make sure you leave it for a day to dry it.

Along with caulking the cabinet, it is also preferred if you can waterproof your gun case by adding a dehumidifier in your gun cabinet.

We have discussed in detail how to build a wooden gun cabinet, the steps to prepare other gun safes are not that different and this tutorial will help you in setting the base.

We will now briefly discuss the second method to keep the gun safe. We all have pictures placed on the walls at home, some have picture of their family while others have pictures from somewhere down the memory lane. We can now use those picture frames to keep the gun safe and it is also less likely to be considered as a spot if someone wants to steal the gun. So let’s check below the steps:

  • Get any unfinished and inexpensive wood frame from your local arts and crafts store.
  • Then make a double pivoting hinge through aluminum angle iron and ¼ shafting. All of them can be easily found in your local store.
  • The angle iron is cut according to the length and has two ¼ inch holes dripped through them for each side of the end. The length is according to the size of the frame and it is to be ensured that the assembly is easily fitting behind the frame.
  • The next thing to do is to cut each corner of the angle iron so they don’t bind during the opening.
  • The top cross member is prepared from 1×2 pine and then ¼ inch hole is drilled on each side to cut a U shape side so that a lock nut can be put on each mounting screw.
  • Cut and use four pieces of pine to frame the inside. The pieces should be thick enough to support the item hidden behind the frame. The two side pieces with the ¼ inch hole drilled will partway through from the inside. The hinge shaft will be put between these sides.
  • Put glue on the wood and clamp them into position.
  • We added the screws before on the front of the frame and also on each side piece of the wood. This will give additional strength to the wood supporting the hinge assembly.
  • Just like we did into the wooden cabinet, the screw holes in the front of the frame will be filled with caulk and sanded smooth before painting.
  • We would caution you to use the frame to hide the gun but do not keep it loaded.
  • Due to our double pivoting hinge design, this frame can also be folded downwards. Through this, the items can also be secured to the back of the frame.
  • You can then easily get the close-up of the hinge to assemble the cross member ad access the pistol mounting bracket.

That’s how a hidden gun safe is prepared in a picture frame.



Thats it for our how to build a gun safe at home plan, be sure to check out your local state gun laws recipitory map

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