Hornady Rapid Safe AR Gunlocker Review

If you’re looking for a discrete gun safe that’s large enough to store rifles but is small enough to fit snugly under your bed, then this is the gun safe for you. In this article, we take a look at the Hornady Rapid Safe AR Gunlocker review.

We found that the Hornady Rapid Safe AR Gunlocker is one of the best under-bed gun safes around, and can also potentially be placed inside a regular cabinet or installed between wall studs as a hidden wall safe.


Hornady Rapid Safe AR Gunlocker

The Hornady 98190 Rapid® RFID Safe AR Gunlocker has an enclosed design and comes with predrilled mounting holes, making it easy to secure to another stationary object. Built with 16-gauge steel with four evenly spaced internal hardened locking lugs along the inside sill of the door.

ASTM certified against drops, saws, and picks. This resilience provides a real deterrent from any unwanted attention.

Patented RFID technology, the safe provides easy “touch-free” security to its owner. Any thief has their hands full as it is difficult to steal.

The Hornady 98190 Rapid® RFID Safe AR Gunlocker has fitted with a neoprene carpeted interior and foam that secures your assault rifles and shotguns from slipping.

Exterior dimensions: 42 inches x 15.25 inches x 6.75inches

Interior dimensions: 40.5 inches x 13.5 inches x 5.5 inches.

Weight: 50 pounds.

  • Sturdy and reliable.
  • Impressive storage capacity

  • Extremely Versatile

  • Pry and Child-resistant

  • ASTM certified

  • Patented RFID technology

  • Reports of cell phone interfering with RFID tags

  • Not fire/water resistant

  • Short Power Cord.

Buying Guide – Hornady Rapid Safe AR Gunlocker

Buying a good safe can be as tricky as buying a good house or car. It’s so much more than just about putting things in a secure place. There are several factors important factors to consider. You always want the item you purchase to be the best you can buy for your requirements.

That said, it takes a lot for a brand and a product to stand out from the crowd and be respected. In this short piece, we’ll examine one of the top-rated safes on the market; the Hornady rapid safe ar gun locker.

The Hornady brand was founded in 1949 when its founder Joyce Hornady began to purchase manufacturing equipment no longer required by the United States Army. The manufacturer now makes a range of firearms and ammunition products but it remains best-known for its premium quality gun safes.

The Hornady 98190 Rapid® RFID Safe AR Gunlocker follows this fine tradition, being one of the most popular rifle vaults available on the market. Hornady gun safes meet ASTM safety standards and this safe under review is no different – a true chip off the block!



Any firearms owner is concerned about the security offered by a safe and keeping its contents in. Only you should have the power to gain access to your safe or determine who does. The Hornady 98190 Rapid® RFID Safe AR Gunlocker will afford you the opportunity.

Dubbed in some circles as the “biometric safe killer”, this Hornady Rapids AR Gunlocker uses patented Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology to unlock it. RFID allows you to unlock your safe faster than conventional keypads or biometrics.

Using electromagnetic technology, digital data is encoded in RFID tags on key fobs, wristbands, or decals and read by a recipient device. These tags mean the user can instantly gain entry into their safe without hassle.

Their tags are programmed specifically for each safe, in a process that is fast and simple. The Hornady 98190 Rapid® RFID Safe AR Gunlocker comes with four RFID tags but allows the programing of five tags that the safe can recognize. You no longer have to worry about trying to look for keys, registering a fingerprint, or trying to recall a code.

The user simply places a key fob over the reader, or more conveniently; a decal adhered to one’s phone. Best of all, programming is simple. As a secondary measure, the safe allows a four to six-digit code or two barrel-style manual keys as backup. It is hardly ever needed but who would say no to this extra option.

The safe also comes with a 1500 pound security cable making a “quick getaway” impossible in any theft. The safe is ASTM certified as both children resistant and against prying. TheHornady 98190 Rapid® RFID Safe AR Gunlocker offers the same convenience and tamper-proof security as the other entire Hornady rifle Rapid® Safes.

All of this is so that you can rest easy knowing you get quick access when you want whilst you are protected from unwanted access to your firearms.



If versatility is what you’re looking for, the Hornady 98190 Rapid® RFID Safe AR Gunlocker nails it. This Hornady Rapid AR safes variant has a front-end spring-loaded door that makes it great for placement under a bed, mounting in a closet or the back of an SUV, and with the weight of just 50 pounds, it is not too difficult to transport.

This means it can be mounted either vertically or horizontally according to your discretion. The spring-loaded door would make for a violent opening but Hornady inserted pneumatic shocks that prevent this.

Capacity-wise, foam inserts provide room for up to two tactical-length rifles and an additional shotgun if need be. It could be a combination of an AR-15 and a Mossberg 590, the safe holds them both perfectly in place. The

The all-around versatility of the safe means it can be used as a haven for small firearms, hunting knives, or even the occasional wallet. The only trouble on a hunting trip would be trying to figure out what more you could use the safe for.

The Hornady 98190 Rapid® RFID Safe AR Gunlocker comes compatible with other Hornady products such as the Hornady Security lights and magnetic hooks. Sadly, these are sold separately



It allows for both AC and DC power supply guaranteeing you safe and secure access 24/7., so you are good to go, either in your house or in the back of your car.

It is best positioned closer to the power sources, as the power cord is not the longest.



It is of course important to consider the fire rating of the safe. The Hornady 98190 Rapid® RFID Safe AR Gunlocker will not protect your guns against fire but will stand up against some higher temperatures.



If you take into account the features of the Hornady Safe AR Gunlocker, it is undoubtedly value for money. Priced at $432, it is not the cheapest of models, but its impressive features and positive ratings testify that this price is warranted.

It is pry-resistant and boasts an excellent gun holding capacity. Throw in its security level, flexibility, and sturdiness and it’s hard to argue against the price.


Lifespan and Maintenance

Any owner of firearms or safes would be quite interested in how the durability of their investment of a safe. Given the pricey nature of the items, it’s important to strike a balance between security and longevity.

The manufacturer does not provide any reports on the lifespan of the item,

Given the specifics, it would be safe to say the Hornady 98190 Rapid® RFID Safe AR Gunlocker meets this balance.

Hornady provides its customers with a one-year guaranteed warranty.

Hornady’s product range is constructed with durability in mind and if unmoved or untampered with, so safes can be in use for decades. Whilst it is durable against corrosion, It is still susceptible to it, so keeping them in a warm dry environment goes a long way to protecting its lifespan.


The Hornady 98190 Rapid® RFID Safe AR Gunlocker holds its own against any rival on the market. A thing of beauty, it is thoughtfully designed and meets the needs of gun owners.

It provides any owner with gun safety and security in any imaginable setup, from households to business environments. So that’s it for our in-depth Hornady Rapid Safe AR Gunlocker Review, it is well worth every penny!

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