Gunvault SV500 Review – Is it the Best Hand Gun Safe?

Gunvault SV500 Review – Is it the Best Hand Gun Safe?

When it comes to gun ownership, the first responsibility is safety. If you only have a handgun or a single pistol then you will not need a huge safe and can probably make do with one of the cheaper models there are currently on the market. In this article, we are going to give you an in-depth gunvault sv500 review.

The SV500 SpeedVault is a quick access safe that can accommodate a single handgun, with a drop-down door. The manufacturer kept it small to maintain a good security level.

The balance between accessing your firearm and keeping it out of the hands of children or a thief who could use it to harm you is important. For this reason, we have covered the many aspects of it in the Gunvault sv500 review below.

Installing the SpeedVault

Gunvault SV500

Installing the Gunvault sv500 is easy and does not take an incredibly long amount of time due to its modular design. The mounting bracket can be attached to almost any surface – such as tables, etc.

Once the bracket is firmly attached, you can line up the slots on the left, right, and back of the safe and hang it in place.

The entire installation process takes about 5 minutes so do not worry too much about it. The sv500 has a standard battery that lasts about a year. So open your vault at least weekly to test whether or not it is working.

Accessing the sv500

There are two different configurations: the sv500 with a combination lock and the one with the biometric lock.

The biometric version can store up to 120 fingerprints so it is definitely flexible and comes as an attractive option to buy but the version with the combination lock is less expensive.

Depending on which kind of security you are opting for, you can choose between the two configurations to access your vault. If your battery dies or you forget either of the combinations, the sv500 comes with backup keys which can be used to open the safe instead.

GunVault SV500 Safety

Gunvault SV500 Safety

This handgun safe provides maximum safety for your gun while providing quick access to it. Here are some reasons behind this:

  • This safe can be mounted easily anywhere – whether it is your office, your home, your living room, or your bedroom. Basically wherever it is in easy reach regardless of the situation.
  • This safe also fits discreetly in different places, such as your car without interfering with its interior design or ambiance.

This way it is the best choice for a business or homeowner looking to protect their property.

GunVault sv500 Key Features

  • The steel construction offers reliability and long-lasting strength.
  • Dimensions of the exterior: 5 x 3.5 x 13 inches (H x W x D, along with lock and keypad)
  • Dimensions of interior: 2.25 x 5.75 x 8.5 inches (it offers comfortable storage of a single handgun, along with space for some other accessories such as a magazine, etc)
  • An electronic lock mechanism with override keys — an electronic keypad that is operated by a 9V battery. Only use a good quality alkaline battery and expect to get it changed once every three to six months depending on the frequency of usage. After buying, you need to define your access code. The manufacturer has included override keys useful to open the safe in case you forget the combinations or when the battery runs out. Red LED flashes (7 to be particular) signal low battery.
  • The option of flexible mounting offers allows the safe to be placed where it needs to be. Perhaps out of plain sight but still easy to access.
  • One-hand access – after putting in the correct code, the safe opens automatically. There is a rubber pad on a spring suspending this opening door to stop any noise or damage.
  • Security sleep mode – after 24 incorrect keypad entries, the safe does not accept any more entries. This puts it into security sleep mode which makes it safe from unwanted access.
  • Quiet access – if you want to open the sv500 unnoticed, then it is possible to disable the keypad sounds with the mute button which can be found inside.
  • Tamper-detect feature – if enter an invalid access code, it sets off the Tamper Indicator. This can be tested by holding buttons 2 and 3 down for merely five seconds. If tampering is detected, Red LED light flashes, otherwise the green LED light will flash.
  • Interior LED light – when the safe door opens, the interior LED light automatically lights up. Although this might seem like a fancy feature, it is not incredibly helpful as the keypad is not backlit, so to enter the access code, you still need more light.

More Interesting Speed Vault Features

  • The Gunvault sv500 is lined with foam, which allows the firearm to slide in and out effortlessly without damaging its beautiful finish.
  • There is some more space for full-sized revolvers and fitting other small possessions like perhaps a magazine alongside your gun.
  • There is also a top-mounted LED light which is a nice touch and makes locating the firearm easier in the dark. It shuts off automatically after 10 seconds to save battery life.


Here are some specifications that make the product a bit unique when compared to others in the market:

  • Sv500 Keypad – it consists of only 4 numbers. However, the passcode can be incredibly complex. There can be many different combinations and you can even program your own code with it.
  • Discreet Design – As mentioned earlier, it is designed with steel and comes with a mounting bracket. Along with the screws, it can be mounted onto any surface possible.
  • Fast Activation drop-down drawer – this feature speaks for itself and allows fast access to the handgun when you want.

Gunvault SV500 review

What Purchasers Reviewing the SV500 Have Liked

  • Quality – quality has not been compromised when it comes to the construction of this safe. For instance, it has been constructed with 18-gauge steel which makes it strong and resistant.
  • Safety – Given that it is made of impeccable steel, it provides great safety for the gun to ensure that the handgun is protected from any outside interference.
  • Price – Highly affordable and the feedback from Amazon customers is great in this regard.
  • Convenience – With options like override keys and LED lights, the element of comfort and convenience can be found so purchasers do find the product to be convenient.


Purchasing this sort of safe does have its many perks. We’ve listed some of these in bullet form below:

  • Made of 18-gauge stainless steel so has a durable and strong design
  • A year-long warranty
  • Tamper mode is available to check for unwanted accessor break-ins
  • Quiet operations can be done in silent mode.
  • There are various passcode combinations you can come up with which makes it even secure
  • An audible and visual alarm with beeps to indicate low battery levels
  • Two backup (or override) keys
  • Versatile and upright mounting options which make easy and quick access possible
  • Can be easily concealed
  • The battery life is long-lasting
  • Can be replaced in the event of a burglary attempt or fire damage


There are, however, cons to every purchase, and here is what you need to consider in that regard:

  • No matter how safe, however, it is important to remember that anyone with a crowbar or hammer can still eventually get in.
  • Despite how safe it can be, it is still not water or fireproof, so there are ways it can be destroyed. However, the manufacturer of the safe does offer a full 5-year warranty.
  • No low battery warning in advance. The warning is only at a critical stage which makes it difficult to tell from before.
  • There have been reviews that have stated that the battery drains too fast and too easily but that could depend on the usage.
  • There have also been customers on Amazon who have felt that the biometric version of the safe can open far too easily – perhaps with anyone’s fingerprint or in some extreme cases, even with a gum wrapper! You do not need to be a gun enthusiast to know how hazardous that situation can be in some cases. So be careful to perhaps test the system before ordering.

Gunvault SV500 review


Q: How to mount GUNVAULT SV500?

Install the safe in a vertical position so the drawer has enough room to open up. To begin, place and secure the mounting bracket at the desired location. Remove the thumbscrews on the bottom of the safe and remove the drawer. Insert the mounting hooks into the holes on the side of your preference. Use the provided thumbscrews to secure the safe.

Insert the thumbscrew in the thumb mounting hole and turn it until it is fastened. Reposition the drawer and you’re ready to go.

Q: How to program GUNVAULT SV500?

  1. Open the cover and pull out the battery holder.
  2. Insert new batteries and wait for the green and red light to blink once. After that, you can open the safe.
  3. Enter the factory-set code (1, 2, 3, 4).
  4. Press and hold the learn button for a few seconds until the green light blinks.
  5. Enter the new access code.
  6. Press the learn button once again until you see the red light and hear a beep.
  7. Enter the new code one more time to confirm it.
  8. Press and hold the learn button.

Once you do so, you will see that the green light blinks five times and beeps five times simultaneously. This means your new code has been accepted.

But if you hear five soft beeps along with the red-light blinking, it is a sign that an error has occurred. Start this process again until the code is accepted.

Q: How to reset GUNVAULT SV500?

You can reset the GUNVAULT SV500 using the same technique you used to change the access code the first time.

Hold the learn button and wait until the green light is on. Enter the new code, hold and press the learn button again. Once the light is red, enter the new code again. For the final time, press and hold the learn button. Once the code is accepted, you’ll hear five sharp beeps and the green light will blink five times.

Q: How to open GUNVAULT SV500 without a key?

You can simply input the programmed code and open the vault easily. If you don’t have the key and you don’t remember the code, you can contact GUNVAULT technical support. They will guide you through the process.

If required, the executive will suggest the best alternative solution for the same. Otherwise, you can always call a locksmith.


The Gun vault sv500 Safe is a great product to invest in. It usually comes in black color. According to many reviews, comments, and ratings on websites, the safes mounting position makes it very popular among different kinds of people, for example, cowboys.

The digital keypad gives the option of a passcode set up which is ideal security against burglars, kids, and unwanted individuals. When you forget to replace your batteries or passcode, all you need is to use the backup keys to access it.

For those who do not appreciate loud safes, the safe’s silent mode allows you to open it quietly. The internal lighting is also useful, particularly in the dark, allowing you to conveniently and easily access belongings.

With so many wonderful features in one product, you know you cannot go wrong with the purchase from this reliable company.

Now that you know the many pros and cons of the product, it might make your decision regarding the purchase easier. Gunvault Speedvault sv500 Gun Safe is a practical solution to those wishing to store a handgun at home, safely and securely at an affordable price.

We hope this detailed Gunvault sv500 review has made your choice and anxieties regarding your purchase about a gun safe simpler as well!


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