Fort Knox Gun Safe Review 2022 – HONEST OPINION?

Fort Knox are a well know brand of gun safe maker, they have a long history and are very reputable. In this article, we will take an in-depth honest look at the Fort Knox gun safe review.



1.Fort Knox Original Pistol Box

This Fort Knox gun safe is in the form of a plain metal box that has no sophisticated locking technology or advanced electronics to grace its worth. The gun safe has a rough silver powder coat finish with the simplex push buttons and knob as the only decorative features applied to its exterior.

Overall, the Fort Knox Original Pistol Box is simple to operate, a tough nut to crack, and a breeze to access your guns. Furthermore, it exceeds the specifications set by the CA Firearms Safety Device Requirements.

Model Clarification

The actual name for this Fort Knox gun safe is Original Pistol Box. It does not have a model number or any fancy name. The manufacturer, Fort Knox, simply calls it the Original Pistol Box, and it is the only top open pistol safe manufactured by Fort Knox.

You may come across it on Amazon labeled Fort Knox PB1 or FTK-PB handgun safe, there is no need to be doubtful, it is just the same Fort Knox Original Pistol Box sold by different vendors.

You will not have to worry about copies or counterfeits. Amazon has strict product origin protocols. They do a vetting process on their 3rd party vendors for product authenticity before they allow them to list them on their platform.

Generous Steel and Robust Body Construction

The Fort Knox Original Pistol Box weighs 22 pounds. Its overall dimensions are 4-1/4″, 12-1/2″, and 10-3/8″. It is made up of 10-gauge steel.

The Fort Knox Original Pistol Box’s fully welded 10-gauge steel body construction can withstand immense impact force. Even deliberate forceful bumps with a strong hammer will not leave it dented.

It also has an antique silver finishing on the surface that is a powder coat paint that protects the box from rust and corrosion. It is the same protective coat that is used in heavy-duty industrial equipment and machinery.

Heavy Duty Lid

The robust body construction of the gun safe is complimented with a matching lid that has equally high mechanical strength.

The model’s lid is a single piece 3/16″ thick (7 gauge) steel plate that has been stamped to fit the design of the box. There is a gas strut that is used to assist in the opening and closing of the heavy-duty lid. It is logical, taking into consideration the weight of the lid.

Had it not been for this one who has had to use two hands, one to lift it and hold it open, and another to get your handgun.

The gas-assisted strut does not only hold the lit open in a vertical position, but it also makes the lid easy to lift. It also helps in the smooth closing of the lid in the sense that it does not allow it to slam down.

The Fort Knox Original Pistol Box’s edges fold down about 3/4″ such that when it is locked, it makes prying extremely difficult or impossible. There is also a welded, partly-hidden continuous hinge that offers a breach-proof way to secure the lid onto the body.

 Spacious, Soft & Cozy Interior

The interior dimensions of this Fort Knox gun safe are 3 inches by 10.5 inches by 9 inches, which is spacious enough for two full-size 1911 handguns and still has room for cash, passports, or whatever you can fit in.

The three-egg crate-style foams that are laid in the interior safeguard your firearms against damage. One foam is attached to the lid and the other two on the bottom of the box. The actual internal height varies depending on the extent of foam compression.

When you install the safe in your car, the foams will keep your guns in a fixed position and prevent rattling during locomotion. In a stationary location, like on a nightstand, the foams enable you to pick up your gun softly, without breaking the silence of the night.

With the massive weight of this baby, portability is almost out of the question. So you are likely to secure it in a permanent location. Four pre-drilled mounting holes at the bottom enable you to bolt down this pistol safe securely on any stable structure.

The mounting holes are covered by a plastic plug. These also act as feet or surface protectors when you just place them on your furniture. The holes can be accessed by removing the two egg crate foams.

Simplex Mechanical Lock

The Fort Knox Original Pistol Box makes use of a simplex combination lock that has been around for decades. The reason is that they work every time and are durable. The advantage of the simplex locking system is that it is not spring-loaded, therefore, if it accidentally drops to the ground, it will not open.

Also, because of the mechanical design of the lock, there are no concerns about running out of battery power, deteriorating or failed electronics, and electronic disturbances like EMP (electromagnetic pulse).

However, it is important to bear in mind that the gun safe does not have the provision of a backup key. The only way to access it is by entering the right button combination and turning the knob. Therefore you must remember or write down the button combination.

The simplex lock is equipped with a 2-inch square locking bolt that firmly locks the lid into place, and with the five mechanical buttons, this will give you a summation of 1 081 different combinations. Therefore it will take an unprecedented effort for anyone to systematically run through all the combinations.

Altering the button combination is easy due to the one-page instruction provided by simplex.


  • Sturdy construction
  • Reliable mechanical locking system
  • Comfortable interior


  • It does not have a backup key


2. Fort Knox Maverick 6031 Gun Safe

The Fort Knox Maverick 6031 is one of the manufacturers’ Maverick series that is a range of Fort Knox’s entry-level gun safe options. It is a formidable and compact closet gun safe that is available at a reasonable price. It is built with 11 gauge steel and can protect your firearms from a fire burning at 1200 degrees Fahrenheit for 75 minutes. It has a volume of 16 cubic feet, which is spacious enough to suit the storage requirements of most gun owners.

If you are getting started in collecting guns, or you are concerned about space in your home or office, then the Fort Knox Maverick 6031 Gun Safe is the ideal choice for you.

Key Features

  • It weighs 770 pounds
  • It is made up of 11 gauge steel
  • It can withstand 1200 degrees Fahrenheit fire for 75 minutes
  • It has a carpeted interior
  • It has 9 locking bolts
  • It has a drill deflector bolt guard

Security is a factor of paramount importance in a gun safe. The 770- pound Fort Knox Maverick 6031 gun safe is equipped with several security features that make it an excellent tool when it comes to protecting your firearms and other valuables.

The gun safe is UL listed due to its 11 gauge, uni-body construction with a quadrafold door frame. It is also equipped with 9 – 1.5-inch diameter active solid steel locking bolts. Furthermore, the bolts have drill deflectors bolt guards to ensure that robbers cannot access them via drilling techniques.

As an extra layer of security, the door has an S&G Group II manipulation resistant lock, spy-proof, and key lock dial that is protected by a drill stop hard plate that as recessed multi-bearings.

It is only after dialing the correct combination that you will be able to turn the 5-spoke clutch drive handle that is available in chrome, black chrome, or gold and see the exquisite two-tone interior of the safe.

Such multiple layers of security that come with The Fort Knox Maverick 6031 gun safe model ensure that your guns will not fall victim to unauthorized access.

  • Generous storage space.

  • Multiple security features to prevent unauthorized access.

  • Sturdy construction

  • It is difficult to transport or move around due to its heaviness

3. Fort Knox Defender 7261

The Fort Knox Defender 7261 guns safe has better security and fire protection specifications than many other manufacturer’s best safes despite being only a series up from their entry-level option.

The Fort Knox Defender is very spacious and can accommodate up to 84 long guns. It is an ideal gun safe for institutions that legally keep a large number of guns at any point in time, such as security firms or gun dealers.

No doubt, this gun safe was designed with space concerns in mind. It is fitted with a door organizer that allows you storage on the door, which buys backspace on the shelves inside the safe.

Key Features

  • Weighs a massive 1644 pounds
  • 84 cubic feet capacity
  • 10-gauge steel.
  • 1680 degrees Fahrenheit fire rating for 90 minutes
  • 13 bolts

Due to the high volumes of ammunition that this safe can accommodate at any point in time, security is a factor of paramount importance when deciding whether to buy this safe or not. This gun safe model has quite some impressive security features that will make it an ideal place to secure your guns and other valuables.

It has is certified under the UL Security Rating, showing its commitment to adhere to tight security protocols. It is also fitted with a re-locking mechanism to keep it safe from being tampered with during a burglary attempt.

The Fort Knox Defender 7261 gun safe is also renowned for having one of the smoothest gear drive mechanisms ever developed in the safe industry.

  • Very spacious

  • An impressive fire rating

  • Sturdy construction

  • Limited color range. There are only four color choices.

  • Limited dealer network, therefore, making it hard to find.

  • The safe weighs 1644 pounds making it very difficult to move around.

4. Fort Knox Protector 6026

This one is the smallest of the five safe models that are in the Protector series. It has a gun capacity that ranges between 8 and 16, depending upon your internal configuration decisions. The Protector 6026 model comes with fourteen glossy finishes and four textured colors.

Key Features

  • 10-gauge steel
  • Weighs 703 pounds
  • Rating of 90 minutes for a fire burning at 1680 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • 11 locking bolts
  • Equipped with locking protection
  • Fitted with a clutching mechanism
  • Equipped with re-lockers

The Fort Knox Protector 6026 gun safe is made up of robust 10- gauge steel. It also has the UL RSC Rating. While this may appear like this rating is easy to achieve, it is surprising that many popular gun safes do not have it.

The model is rated 90 minutes at 1680 degrees Fahrenheit. Fort Knox popularly states that it makes use of a third party to certify its fore ratings, but it does not disclose the identity of the third party.

The Fort Knox Protector 6026 was designed with security concerns in mind for a gun safe is as good as how its security system is.

In addition to the sturdy steel construction and re-lockers, the gun safe is equipped with a ball-bearing locking plate. The ball bearings will snap a drill if a thief attempts to break into the safe.

  • Sturdy construction

  • Enhanced security features

  • Impressive fire rating

  • The safe is only sixty inches in height. If you intend to have an upper shelf inside the safe then this might not be the right one for you.

  • It is difficult to access due to Fort Knox’s dealership business model.

5. Fort Knox Guardian 6637

This model is one of Fort Knox’s Guardian series of gun safes. It is made up of 7 gauge steel and offers 90 minutes of protection against a fire burning at 1680 degrees Fahrenheit. Therefore, you can rest assured that your firearms and other valuables are safe from fire outbreaks.

Key Features

  • 7 gauge unibody steel construction
  • Remote re-locker system
  • Drill deflector bolt guard
  • 4-Way All Active (20) 1.5-inch solid steel locking bolts
  • Bolt Detent
  • Drill Stop Hard Plate

When it comes to matters regarding security, the Fort Knox Guardian 6637 is UL listed because of its 7-gauge unibody steel construction, drill deflector bolt guard, remote re-locker system, and patented multi-gear drive. It also has a 5 to 1 reduction rack and pinion locking mechanism with up to 55 rack-and-pinion machined gears.

All these security features, combined with 20 active solid steel locking bolts each 1.5 inches thick that are strategically placed at the sides, top, corners, and bottom of the door ensure that you have a gun safe whose security is very difficult to compromise, even for the most determined burglar. The gun safe also has star corner bolts to enhance its pry resistance.

The Fort Knox Guardian 6637’s door has an S&G Group II manipulation-resistant lock,spy-proof, and a key lock dial that is protected by a drill stop hard plate with recessed multi-bearings. It can only be accessed after dialing the correct combination and turning the five-spoke clutch drive handle that is available in chrome, black chrome, or gold.

The back of the door has a useful door panel organizer that will enable you to keep your small valuables like magazines, pistols, passports, and other documents organized.

In terms of functionality, the safe is equipped with an internal power supply that will enable you to plug your dehumidifier and other various electronics. When the door is open, the bolt detent system will ensure that the bolts are tightly secured inside the door until it is closed.

Fort Knox is confident of its level of workmanship and quality of the Guardian 6637 gun safe such that it offers a comprehensive lifetime factory warranty.

  • Robust steel construction

  • Spacious

  • Multiple security features

  • It might be difficult to access because of Fort Knox’s dealership business model

6. Fort Knox Executive 7241

The Fort Knox Executive 7241 gun safe is one of Fort Knox’s premium models. The Executive 7241 does not come from the topmost series from Fort Knox, there are two above, but it has many of the same features at a much lower cost.

The 7241 is the second largest on the Fort Knox Executive series, and depending on your internal configuration, it can accommodate between 15-52 guns.

Key Features

  • Weighs 1 596 pounds
  • 7-gauge steel
  • 90 minutes fire rating at 1 680 degrees Fahrenheit
  • 20 locking bolts
  • Equipped with re lockers
  • Equipped with lock protection
  • Fitted with a clutch mechanism

The Fort Knox Executive 7241 gun safe is made up of 7 gauge steel. It is typically the best gauge of steel you can obtain for a residential gun safe. In this model, Fort Knox took one piece of steel and folded it to make the gun safe. It is known as unibody construction, and it means that the safe has fewer welds, therefore making it robust and harder to break.

You also don’t have to worry about your valuables in the event of a fire outbreak, the safe has a rating of 90 minutes for a fire burning at 1 680 degrees Fahrenheit. It is sufficient that your guns and other valuables are kept safe in the event of a fire outbreak.

The Fort Knox Executive 7241 is equipped with a rack and pinion locking mechanism. It is a strong and precise system. It is typically found on commercial safes, rarely on residential ones. The safe also has 20 locking bolts surrounding the door, each one being 1.5 inches.

There are also four star-shaped corner locking bolts. It is this last feature that makes it difficult to pry open the safe door.

  • It is very spacious

  • Impressive security features

  • Various color options to select from

  • Its heavy-weight design makes it very difficult to move around.

  • It is not deluxe accessories such as lighting and a dehumidifier.

  • Fort Knox has an exclusive dealer network that may make it impossible to find a safe near you.

7. Fort Knox Legend 7251

The Fort Knox Legend 7251 gun safe is the largest model of the series. The Legend series is the top-line offering from the Fort Knox safes and stands up to its billing. While claiming that it is perfect will be a deviation from the truth, the safe is close to being so for a residential gun safe.

This model is bulky, measuring 72″ by 51″ by 30″. It translates to a capacity of up to 68 guns depending on the internal configuration decisions you make and the type of decisions you have. It presents a lot of space to satisfy your storage needs.

Key Features

  • Weighs 2 176 pounds
  • Made up of 7 gauge steel
  • 28 locking bolts, each being 1.5 inches thick
  • 90 minutes of fire protection at 1680 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Equipped with a biometric locking mechanism.
  • It has a re-locking mechanism
  • It has lock protection
  • It has a dehumidifier
  • It has internal lighting

The Fort Knox Legend 7251 gun safe has a robust 7-gauge body container. Other gun safes have the same steel specification, but only a few can say they have more. It is also one of the few gun safes that have a steel liner, in this case, it is a 10-gauge steel line. This model does not scrimp on steel.

To say the Legend 7251 is a heavy-weight is no exaggeration. It literally weighs about a tonne. You must be certain of the position that you want it located so that you don’t have to move it around.

The safe has 28 locking bolts around all four-door sides which each bolt being 1.5 inches thick. Furthermore, every corner of the door has a diagonal star-shaped corner bolt. These improve the rigidity and strength of the area that is attacked by burglars most often.

The Legend 7251 comes along with a biometric locking system. It can only be accessed via the fingerprint of authorized personnel. It is a high-tech locking system that will ensure the safety of your guns and other valuables.

  • Enhanced security features

  • Huge storage space

  • Fitted with deluxe accessories such a dehumidifier and internal lighting.

  • Multiple color options

  • It is weighty

  • Might be difficult to buy due to the dealership business models

  • The biometric locking mechanism is not entirely reliable.


Buying a gun safe may not be on the top of your list. But if you have children and own firearms, it should be!

Even if you don’t own firearms, these vaults act as a great protection mechanism for your valuables. Owning a secure vault for valuables and important documents is essential. Hiding them under the mattress or in shoeboxes is no longer safe. These are some of the obvious hiding places that most criminals are aware of.

Therefore it becomes critical to get a durable gun safe. Fort Knox gun safes are known for their high-quality steel construction and phenomenal designs. But there are many options and this may confuse a lot of you. So, to help you pick the best Fort Knox Gun safe, here are some key factors to consider.


The steel body is what makes or breaks a gun safe. If the quality of material used is below par, it won’t be able to protect your firearms or valuables.

A good gun safe will have a 12-gauge or 10-gauge steel body. Check the specifications and the steel rating before you buy a gun safe. The gun safe’s door should not cross 7 gauge and don’t get distracted by the total door thickness. Look for the steel’s thickness only!

While we’re at it, make the safe has properly welded seamless joints. This ensures maximum protection.


Remember, the advertised capacities can be misleading. They do not consider additional features like grips, lasers, and so on.

Furthermore, if the safe offers fire protection, the walls will be thicker. This eats into the advertised gun safe capacity.

If you see your collection growing in the future, it is best to go for a safe with more room.

Fire Protection

A safe that can survive an hour of fire should be your start point. If it’s affordable for you, you can opt for a better fire rating too. The higher it is, the safer your weapon and valuables will be.


This is the biggest aspect you cannot overlook. What is your budget? How much are you looking to let go of a gun safe? Keep the value fixed and don’t go overboard.

However, don’t settle for a cheap gun safe just for its cost. Look at the features and compare the price before you pick a gun safe.


How good are Fort Knox gun safes?

Fort Knox manufactures some of the most better quality gun safes on the market. They are sophisticated and secure at the same time. They also offer a nicer finish and paint jo0b than most gun safes.

Overall, if you’re looking for reliable and good-looking gun safes, Fort Knox is a safe bet.

Where are Fort Knox gun safes made?

Fort Knox gun safes are proudly manufactured in the United States of America.

You can be assured that you’ll get the best quality construction and safety all made in the US. You can take pride in your Fort Knox gun safe since every component is made entirely in the United States.

Fort Knox Gun Safes

Fort Knox is one of the renowned gun-safe manufacturers in the industry. Most gun owners in the United States are familiar with the name. Whether you require a personal handgun safe or a 6-foot tall gun vault, Fort Knox will have you covered.

The brand also has a lifetime warranty for all its products. It is one feature that sets it apart from other gun safe manufacturers. The brand is also known for using the strongest steel in all their safes.


So that’s it for our Fort Knox Gun Safe Reviews. We’ve covered all the best safes they have to offer, plus a rundown on the company themselves. You won’t find a more reputable gun safe maker or a better-designed safe anywhere.

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