7 Best Truck Gun Storage – Vehicle Gun Safes And Racks

Owning a vehicle gun storage system is essential for firearm owners. You’ll typically find a gun safe at every residence where the owner has a firearm. However, most of them are negligent when it comes to carrying guns in transit.

In this post, we will take an in-depth look at the best truck gun storage options and compare them side by side to hopefully help you with making the right decision for you!

Top 3 Truck Gun Storage Options

Editor’s Choice

DD Quickdraw Magnetic Gun Mount

Best Truck Gun Storage

  • Strong magnet
  • Multiple options
  • Demo product pros
Premium Choice

SnapSafe Trunk Safe II

Best Truck Gun Storage

  • Heavy-duty and spacious
  • Digital keypad
  • Demo product pros
Budget Choice

Mydays Gun Organizer Holder

Best Truck Gun Storage

  • Easy to install and store
  • Universal fit and versatile
  • Demo product pros

7 Best Truck Gun Storage

1. SnapSafe Trunk Safe II (Premium Choice)

SnapSafe Trunk Safe II
SnapSafe is one of the biggies in the industry. The Trunk Safe II keeps your firearms protected on-road. It fits perfectly in the trunk of your car or anywhere in trucks and features a user-friendly electronic keypad. 

This safe offers you a space-saving accommodation for rifles, shotguns, and other firearms. You can also store valuables like jewelry, photography equipment, and electronics in it. 

This is a large gun safe constructed of heavy-duty 13-gauge steel. It comes with a 3 to 8 digital keypad with a backup entry. 

The SnapSafe Trunk Safe II also sports padded flooring and four holes on the bottom panel for easy installation. 

Simply put, it is a well-built, robust, and secure storage solution for firearms. Its stylish looks just add to its range of positives.

  • Heavy-duty and spacious

  • Digital keypad

  • Despite the padding, it was quite noisy on the road.

2. DD Quickdraw Magnetic Gun Mount (Editor’s Choice)

DD Quickdraw Magnetic Gun Mount
Own a lot of weapons but need a flat gun mount for a quick draw?

This brilliant gun mount from DD Quickdraw is just what you need. 

Its unique design allows you to fit flat tops and the strong magnets stick anywhere in your truck. This was a favorite pick because of its easy accessibility. Simply push the weapon down and pull it towards yourself. It’s that easy-to-use. 

Don’t even get us started on its appearance. Everything about this quickdraw gun mounts screams finesse. 

It is available in multiple packs. You can buy a single piece or pick from the different combinations listed. 

The magnetic gun mount is very strong. This is perhaps one of its most notable negativity. The magnet is so strong that it interferes with other electronic devices within its reach. Especially if you’re in a car. For trucks, it shouldn’t be much of an issue.

  • Strong magnet

  • Multiple options

  • The magnet may mess with other devices.

3. Mydays Gun Organizer Holder (Budget Choice)

Mydays Gun Organizer Holder
Looking for the best gun organizer on a budget?

The Mydays Gun Organizer Holder is your answer.

It is the perfect solution to hang large rifles and shotguns onto the back of your seats. Its versatility is what draws us to this gun organizer holder. Not only can you use it to hold firearms, but it also comes with pockets that are convenient for travelers to carry small items. 

Unlike most truck gun storage, you don’t need any tool to install this one. To hang it, simply wrap the straps around the seats on the headrests. It’s not secure as a vault but makes a decent companion if you’re looking for a quickdraw.

  • Easy to install and store

  • Universal fit and versatile

  • Not very high-quality

4. Great Day Overhead Gun Rack

Great Day CL1500 48
This is a great rack for overhead storage of two guns. It expands up to 54″ and is designed to fit most vehicles. The aircraft-grade aluminum with a powder-coat enamel makes a sturdy gun rack for firearm owners.

The Overhead Gun Rack features an “opposing forces” installation. Meaning?

You won’t have to drill any holes in your beloved truck to hang this gun rack. This is very handy for vehicle owners that cannot modify the roof because of their contract. 

The guns are securely held by moldable clips with Velcro straps. The clips are cushioned to keep your firearms from scratching. The straps can be adjusted independently to hold different models of guns. 

This Overhead Gun Rack allows you to draw your weapon quickly without any hassle.

  • Aircraft aluminum construction

  • Cushioned, moldable clips

  • ­holds only two guns

5. Great Day Jeep Wrangler Quick-Draw Overhead Gun Rack with Roll Bar

Great Day Quick-Draw Overhead Gun Rack
On our quest to find the best truck gun storage solution, we came across several options from Great Day. Their gun racks are crafted using aircraft aluminum and sport a glossy enamel finish. 

This 48-inch gun rack is designed especially for Jeep Wranglers with soft, cushioned clips to prevent scratching. It can hold two full-sized weapons, with or without scopes. 

It is a quickdraw option that comes with Velcro straps. So, if you need an easy-to-use and accessible gun rack, this is it. 

Although designed with the jeep wrangler in mind, this rack can be used for trucks too.

  • Easy to install

  • Heavy-duty construction

  • Expensive

  • Can only hold two firearms

6. Great Day Quick-Draw Sporting Clays UTV Gun Rack

Great Day Quick-Draw Sporting Clays UTV Gun Rack
The Sporting Clays UTV Gun Rack is an ideal way to securely transport your guns. It is perfect for hunting-related businesses looking to transport their clients and firearms to hunting areas. 

It features unique foam-lined gun clips with Velcro straps. The UTV gun rack can hold up to four firearms at a time. The gun clips can be molded into the exact shape of the gun to provide a superior fit. 

You can easily install it on the cargo bedsides using bolts. This rack is the lightest rack on this list. It weighs only 8lbs and can be mounted with ease.

  • Super lightweight

  • Maximum protection of the guns

  • Requires drilling holes in the vehicle.

7. Great Day Quick-Draw Universal Gun Rack 

GREAT DAY Quick-Draw Universal-Mounting Vertical Double Gun Rack
The Great Day Universal Vertical Gun Rack is the only vertical holder on our list. With this fantastic rack, you’ll always have your gun at your fingertips when traveling to a hunting location. 

Its moldable cushioned clips hold two guns securely strapped in place. The gun rack mounts on the vehicle’s floor in a standalone fashion. You can also position it for quick access as per your convenience.

  • Vertical design

  • Comfortable and quick draw

  • Holds only two guns


Buyers’ Guide

Buying a vehicle gun storage is different than purchasing a generic gun safe. You have to consider the portability and mobility of the vehicle. 



As mentioned previously, buying gun safes for your home is way different than buying a truck gun storage. For starters, it must fit perfectly into the desired space. Before you pick storage, make sure to measure out your space. 



Then comes the weight. You cannot get a heavy truck gun storage that weighs your vehicle down. It can impact the vehicle’s speed and performance. 

The heavier and bigger it is, the more difficult the transportation will be. If you’re traveling, it makes sense to get a lightweight safe. 


Safe or Rack?

It is also critical to understand whether you need a gun safe or a rack for your truck. It depends on how often you’ll need the firearm. For a quickdraw, it is best to get a rack. But for people looking for security, a gun safe will be the safest bet. 

If you do plan on getting a safe, don’t forget to check the locking mechanism. Go for higher security options. Digital or biometric locks are the best when talking about security. They are not easy to break into and, therefore, maintain the safety of your weapons and valuables.


Steel Gauge

Primarily for gun safes, steel gauge is a major aspect to consider. But for vehicle safes, it becomes slightly less important. Nonetheless, it is always good to go for a good steel gauge rating. It protects your safe from breaking open after taking a hit. 

The use of thinner steel makes the product lighter. But that makes it more vulnerable. So, opt for a slightly thicker safe.



Q: Where do you mount a gun safe in a truck?

You can either tie it down with a cable or bolt it down. The idea is to conceal the safe as much as possible. It keeps your belongings and firearms protected.


Q: Are gun racks legal?

Owning gun racks is legal in any state. The only thing you need is a license to carry your firearm. Gun racks are permitted and a popular way to keep firearms organized on the road.


Q: What is a console vault?

Console vaults are in-vehicle safes designed to keep your firearms and valuables safe in transit. They are generally built using heavy gauge steel with a locking mechanism challenging to break into.

These are hidden safes that can be installed very easily.



With the right knowledge, buying the best truck gun storage is a breeze If you have found yourself in such a situation, our list of the top seven truck gun storage solutions will help you pick the best option in an instant. And for those who want to find the safe of their dreams, refer to our buyers’ guide to help you narrow down the options.

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