Best Gun Safe Under 500 In 2022 To Keep Your Family Safe From Harm

If you clicked on this post, chances are you are a new gun owner, and you’re looking for the best gun safe under 500. Well, if that’s you, or maybe you’re just looking for an upgrade of your old gun safe, then you clicked on the right post.

With so many options, it can be hard to choose one, so that’s why we decided to review the best gun safe under $500.

Top 3 Best Gun Safes Under 500

Editor’s Choice

SentrySafe T6-331 Security Safe

best gun safe under 500

  • Anti-drill door
  • Key rack
  • DOJ Certified
Premium Choice

TIGERKING Burglary Digital Security Safe Box

best gun safe under $500

  • Removable shelf
  • solid steel
  • Dual warning system
  • Three point locking system
Budget Choice

Hornady RAPiD Gun Safe

best gun safes under 500

  • Perfect for bedside
  • RFID access
  • solid steel



Best Firearm Safes Comparison

1. TIGERKING Burglary Digital Security Safe Box

TIGERKING Burglary Digital Security Safe Box

First on our list of the best gun safe under 500 is Tiger King has made its name in making safes to store valuables such as guns, cash, jewelry, and other items. This safe has been made with highly durable plates made from alloy steel. It has been manufactured to withstand for a very long time and resist break-ins with five bolts installed on three sides of the door.

It has another smaller box inside which can carry important documents requiring an extra layer of security. The shelf can be removed to make the safe more spacious with no compromise on security. With the touch screen access and record of when the safe was accessed, you can now track if anyone accessed the safe. If someone tries the wrong password on the safe three times, the alarm will sound.

The safe is lighter than most weighing 70 pounds, with dimensions of length 16.5-inch, width of 14.2 inches, and height of 25.6 inches, which means that the safe can be installed anywhere. It can be accessed through a key or a code, and it can manage two separate codes.

  • Removable shelf

  • Interior locking box

  • Dual warning system

  • Small for rifles

2. Liberty HDX-350 Handgun Smart Vault

Liberty HDX-350 Handgun Smart Vault
The HDX 350 is Liberty’s new largest and most advanced handgun safes. It is designed to safely store your pistols and provide fast access when you need it most.

The 350 comes with Liberty’s sixth-generation biometric system which includes a multi-directional swipe and programs allowing up to 30 fingerprints.

A quiet soft-landing door, internal and external USB charging ports, interior lighting, and a pull-out drawer for convenient access to valuables. It is beefier than its predecessor, the HDX-250.

The HDX-350 has external dimensions of height of 8.75inches, width of 13.50 inches, and 14 inches in depth. The internal dimension is 6 inches in height, 11.50 in width, and 12.50 in depth. The interior cubic feet are 0.50ft with a weight of 24.50 pounds.

Liberty’s heavy-duty 14-gauge steel and a reinforced latch system is specifically designed to resist pry attacks. The 350 is also California DOJ approved and made in the USA.

  • Open It With Just One Finger

  • Open In A Flash

  • Heavy Duty

  • Internal/external Usb Charging

  • Sometime Fingerprint Not Working Well

3. BARSKA AX11620 Biometric Fingerprint Mini Security Home

best Biometric gun safe

The first Biometric safe on our list of the best gun safe under 500 is the Barska quick access biometric safe with verification for easy access has become a much-needed feature to access the safe in case of intrusion quickly. This safe has a quick biometric scan that can detect the fingerprint in only 2.5 seconds and remember up to 120 fingerprints. Multiple angles can be used for the fingerprints, which makes them accessible from any side.

Built with steel to resist any damage to the stored goods, BARSKA Biometric safe has two bolts installed, keeping it secure. This safe is designed as compact storage, which can be installed anywhere. It can store handguns, jewelry, cash, and other important items which are to be accessed regularly. It can also be placed on the bed’s side table with a stealth mode which puts it in silent mode.

This safe can be installed anywhere with its exquisite design and dimensions of 16.5 inches in width, 14.5 inches of depth of storage with a height of 8 inches only.

  • Biometric access

  • 2 Steel bolts

  • Tamper-resistant inner edges

  • Small for rifles

4. Verifi Smart Safe S6000

Verifi Smart Safe S6000

Gun owners love The Verifi Smart Safe s6000 is a biometric gun safe designed with superior fingerprint technology for security and convenience. Setting it up is quite simple, with easy to follow on-screen guides.

After just a few touches, the smart safe will be able to learn your fingerprint and determine who to let in and who to keep out.

When in a hurry, with a touch of your finger, you can enjoy the convenience of quick access and the security of biometric technology.

Furthermore, it utilizes 3d fingerprint technology that is tested and certified by the FBI. Verifi smart safe digs deeper to get the most authentic image, which is not possible with cheaper optical sensors.

As compared to other safes that require you to lock the door manually, Verifi mart safe uses advanced sensors to know the door’s position. This allows it to lock every time the door is closed automatically, so you are not left in two minds as to if you’re protected.

When you are not present, its multiple built-in temper alerts let you know if the safe is moved.

Once a day, and every time it’s used, a thorough self-check is automatically performed on the electronics and batteries.

Seconds matter can matter with firearm security and valuable moments can be lost searching for keys or codes. With just a touch of a finger, Verifi smart safe s6000 does what it does best.

  • Fbi certified fingerprint sensor

  • Self-diagnostics

  • Auto-lock

  • Led night light

  • No handle to open door

5. SentrySafe SFW123GDC Fireproof Safe and Waterproof Safe with Digital Keypad

best gun safes under 500

Next on our list of the best gun safe under 500 in the Sentry Safe. If you need something that can protect your guns from the fire of 1700 degrees for one hour, you can trust this safe from SentrySafe. It keeps your guns from burning and keeps the guns secure from flood for 24 hours in the water, which can be up to 8 inches deep. This will keep your peace of mind that this strong safe can withstand the worst of conditions.

The sturdy design is strong and smart with a digital lock installed on the front, and this safe can also be accessed through a mechanical key. It is ETL verified to resist damage even when it drops from a height of 15 feet. It also features 4-inch bolts giving it a high level of resistance from a break-in. This safe can easily be accessed in dark rooms as it features a light that increases the visibility of stored guns.

It has batteries that have an expiration date of eight to ten years. This safe height is 17.8 inches with a width of 16.3 inches, offering 19.3 inches of depth for storage, giving it a box-like look that can easily fit anywhere.

  • Four point locking system

  • Fire and waterproof

  • solid steel

  • Impact-resistant

  • Interior light

  • No pre drilled holes

6. BARSKA Large Biometric Safe Black

BARSKA Large Biometric Safe Black

Gun owners looking for the best safe under 500 will love this Barska quick access biometric safe. There is a need to access the handgun quickly, biometric verification for opening the safe can come in handy. Made from steel, it has enough space to store handguns, ammo, and some other valuables along with them. Space can be increased by removing the shelf if it is not needed.

It has been created as an extremely compact design with easy to install features such as pre drilled holes and concrete mounting hardware. The safe length is 14 inches, with almost the same breadth at 13 inches and a height of 19.75 inches. It can be used to store handguns only with childproof gun control to keep your family safe.

  • Biometric quick access
  • Compact design

  • Easy to mount

  • Not suitable for large items

7. Hornady RAPiD Gun Safe

Hornady RAPiD Gun Safe

If you are looking for comfortable sleep at night, you can have a bedside companion that will keep you protected. Hornady RAPiD gun safe can be placed in open sight, deceiving intruders into thinking that it’s an alarm clock. It has a clock on the front with built-in USB charging ports, making it seem like a gadget made around an alarm clock.

It has multiple options to be accessed, such as RFID unlock, passcode, or mechanical key, which offers high convenience in times of urgency. During normal times, a key or passcode can be used, but RFID can come in handy for quick access. You will have access to the handgun because this safe is designed to sit on the bed’s side table. It has been created from high-quality steel and a cable attached to any stationary object.

The safe dimensions are perfect for any bedside table with a length of 12 inches and a height of 3 inches with a depth of 10.5 inches providing enough room to keep a handgun securely.

  • Perfect for bedside

  • RFID access

  • pre drilled holes

  • Immaculate design

  • For concealed carry or small 9mm only

8. HONEYWELL-5107 Large Steel Security Safe

HONEYWELL-5107 Large Steel Security Safe

This steel safe is part of the Honeywell security safe product line, which offers protection for small items such as jewelry, handguns, money, or prescription drugs you want to keep safe from children. These safes can be easily installed onto wooden floors, shelves, desks, and other similar accessible places. Its design is like that you find installed in hotel rooms with a digital clock on its front.

Honeywell prides itself in providing the highest quality of lock doors with two motorized bolts. The safe design allows users to easily store 17-inch laptops even though the dimensions of 17.7 inches width, 21-inch height, and 15 inches in width might seem small. Multiple handguns can be stored in this safe as it has a removable division.

It also has a programmable digital lock that allows you to create your entry code. This code can be of 3-6 digits, which adds extra protection from being preyed upon.

  • pry resistant door

  • Motorized bolts

  • Programmable digital lock

  • Small bolts

9. SentrySafe T6-331 Security Safe

SentrySafe T6-331 Security Safe

This is our favorite safe on the list of our best safes under 500 as it has been DOJ certified. The programmable lock is designed to cater to eight digits of code for multiple users with four bolts to keep the security tight. This safe features an anti-drill door that adds extra security on top of safes’ regular security.

It is a spacious safe with 22.9 inches in height with a width of 14.3 inches, offering a depth of 11.5 inches. It has a key rack inside, which allows you to store important keys on the backside of the door with carpets installed inside for fragile valuables.

It has a black color that can match almost any interior, making it fit every environment. It can be easily installed because of bolt-down hardware, which ensures that intruders cannot easily remove it.

  • Eight-digit programmable code

  • Anti-drill door

  • pry resistant door

  • DOJ Certified

  • Only for small firearms

10. Liberty HDX-250

Liberty HDX-250

Last but not least on our list of the best gun safes under 500 is The Liberty HDX 250, a predecessor to the 350, which is also a good buy for anyone looking to purchase a gun safe. Using the 5th generation Home Defender series and biometric finger swipe technology it can safely secure your valuables or handgun.

This safe takes speed into account as that’s what’s needed in times of trouble, and entry to this fingerprint safe can be obtained in a second when used with the included AC adapter and in under two seconds when coupled with the included 9v battery.

It can accommodate up to fifteen different fingerprints with an automated opening door. Just a swipe of your finger and the door opens for you.

There are a variety of ways to mount it, however, be it through the mounting holes located in the bottom of the box for direct mounting or the optional accessory mounting bracket.

It’s also made of a heavy-duty 14-gauge steel door with a reinforced latch system and an in-built anti-pry system to prevent unauthorized entry.

In programming your Liberty HDX 250 you can start by unlocking your safe with the provided key and then locating the orange tab located on your unit’s interior roof.

Follow this tap back to find a small programming button on the interior roof of your safe. You then press and release this button toward you to initiate the programming sequence, which will be indicated by the yellow light on the top of your scanner.

To program, swipe your finger flat against a sensor several times, and you must apply pressure and keep your finger flat to get a good read.

The yellow light will indicate a cleaner read. A battery will be indicated by the red light meaning the sensor could not read your print. Continue swiping your finger flat across the sensor to program your safe when the green light flashes. Your Liberty HDX 250 is now accessible with a swipe of your finger.

  • Portable

  • Reliable Biometric System

  • Strong Build

  • Quick and Secure finger swipe access

  • Inconsistent opening


Buying Guide

Buying a gun safe seems quite straightforward, right? But is it?

It takes a lot of research, comparison, and patience to find the safe of your dreams. At times you might be confused but the possibility is less when we are on watch.

And if you are not thinking about getting a gun safe, think again. 21% of gun-related injuries in children are because they can easily get their hands on your gun.

These tips can help you to pick the best gun safes without breaking the bank.


Thickness Of Steel

Unfortunately with the budget of $500 you will definitely sacrifice on steel gauge for the safe you are looking at buying. Most of the safes in this range offer somewhere between 14 and 18 gauge steel, with many of them being in the 16 gauge range.

As mentioned earlier in the article, this does mean you need to focus heavily on keeping your safe hidden (out of sight) and make sure to never mention you have firearms in your home in the first place (this is a rule even if you have $10,000 safe).


Is The Safe Fireproof

When looking for a gun safe under 500, you need to consider what your needs are. Do you want something that will hold a lot of cash? Or maybe you want something that looks nice. There are safes that are made out of stainless steel, and others that are made out of wood.

You also need to think about the size of the safe. A small safe may not be enough if you have a large amount of money stored away. And you should always check the fire rating. Some safes are rated for fires, while others are not.


Size Up

When buying a gun safe, it is always better to get a bigger safe. Don’t go for a safe that holds just one or two of your firearms. You would probably end up getting more in the future. And even if you get new accessories, the gun may not fit in the safe.

So, while you’re buying a gun safe, go for a comfortably sized gun safe. This shouldn’t be difficult. Gun safe manufacturers generally launch the same model of safe in a variety of sizes. Perhaps you need a larger rifle gun safe.


Don’t Compromise on Security Features

Yes, it looks cool. But is it capable of withstanding a hard blow?

If the gun safe is not robust, your weapon won’t be safe. Therefore, it negates the whole purpose of owning a gun safe.

A good fire rating and water resistance is the basic necessity for gun owners. Especially if your area experiences constant flooding and has a high number of house fires.

These features are not easy to afford, however, they are important to keep your gun and valuables secure. Look for the best features you can get within a price range. That takes us to the final tip, always set a budget.


Gun safe Locking mechanism

You may want to consider the locking system. Is it a biometric lock, does it have quick access technology in case you need fast access, is there a backup key or multiple entry methods in case of malfunction or misplacing the key/Pincode, do you want a biometric fingerprint scanner so only you can gain access or is a key enough for you? all things you need to consider when choosing the best gun safe under 500 for you.


Set a Budget (not too low, not too high)

You cannot spend all your hard-earned money on a gun safe. But don’t be cheap when buying a gun safe. Set a respectable amount aside for your gun safe.

Once you do so, make sure you don’t go over it. If you find better quality safe within budget, be wary. Look carefully at the user reviews.

Who is the best gun safe manufacturer?

Gun owners love FortKnox, SentrySafe, and TIGERKING are hands down some of the leading gun safe manufacturers on the market.

If you’re looking for the best gun safe under 500, SentrySafe is a good and reliable choice. For more premium safes, go for FortKnox and TIGERKING.



That sums up our list of the best gun safe under 500. There is an impressive range of products to assess. However, looking at all aspects of your requirements, for example, the size of your weapons, and family dynamics should pull you towards the correct purchase. If you would like to spend a little more take a look at our best gun safes under 1000 article.

If you found the review helpful, kindly hit the like button. If you have any questions or contributions, do not hesitate to leave them in the comment section below.

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