Best Gun Safe Lights Reviews 2022

If you are the owner of a larger gun safe, then a gun safe lighting system could come in very handy indeed. Giving you a more organized safe, but more importantly, you can locate what you want in a hurry.

Before deciding on what is the Best Gun Safe Lights, it is vital to understand some of the major factors covered in our buying guide at the bottom of the page.

Top 3 Best Gun Safe Lights

Editor’s Choice

Light My Safe Executive Gun Safe Lighting Kit

The Best Gun Safe Accessories

  • Durable
  • Suitable for larger safes
  • Lifetime warranty
Premium Choice

TORCHSTAR LED Safe Lighting Kit

The Best Gun Safe Accessories

  • Easy to mount – Magnetic
  • Long-lasting
  • Motion sensor
Budget Choice

Sensky Gun Safe Lighting kit

The Best Gun Safe Accessories

  • Mounts on any surface
  • Slim and flexible
  • Great value for money



1. TORCHSTAR LED Safe Lighting Kit

TORCHSTAR LED Safe Lighting Kit
The torchstar led lighting kit is a great option if you’re looking for a gun safe lighting kit that is easily stuck onto a safe wall, has motion sensors, and is power efficient.

Each LED strip is 12 inches long and is easily attachable to your safe wall, door, or roof as it uses a magnetic strip making it one of the more convenient gun safe lights.

However, it will require you to drill a hole in your safe to let through the power cable.

That may present an issue for those who require a water or fireproof safe and are not keen on allowing any access or damaging the safe’s structural integrity.

Each LED strips has 150 lumens (light strength), which gives you a considerable amount of light to keep every crevice and crack of your vault well lit. Plus, they are built using a high output LED giving you a long-lasting safe lighting kit with many years of quality output.

Automatically turns on and off when you open and close the safe doors. Another added bonus is the built-in motion sensor, which will detect movement up to 26 feet away and immediately turn the lights on, giving some security by potentially alarming a would-be burglar.

If there is no motion detected within four minutes, the lights will turn off automatically, saving you a few dollars on your electricity bill while being more environmentally friendly.

The Torchstar LED safe lighting kit is a superb option that is ideal for gun safes of any size.

  • 4×12-inch LED strips
  • 2 AC plugs
  • Includes motion sensor
  • Magnetic/Easy to mount

  • Modular design

  • Motion Sensor

  • Long Lasting

  • Drilling a whole is required

2. Liberty Safe Brightview Gun Safe Lighting kit

Liberty Safe Brightview Gun Safe Lighting kit

The Liberty Safe Brightview gun safe lighting kit is manufactured by you guessed it, Liberty Safes ltd. While the are tailored for liberty gun safes the are fine to use in any gin safe.

It comes with a set of two 8-inch LED light strips. Each strip has six bright-white LEDs, it also has an in-built motion sensor, and is powered by three AAA batteries, negating the need for drilling holes.

The mounting pins are easy to mount onto any fireboard and can also pop out easily when needed. The kit’s battery life is also quite good. You should only need to change the batteries once a year.

The energy-efficient LED bulbs and electronics will maximize battery life, and there is an indicator that lets you know if the batteries need to be changed or charged.

It’s also small enough to fit into smaller spaces and does not need any additional adhesive to stick to the safe’s surface. The biggest drawback is that it only comes with only 2 LED strips, and these might not be enough if you have a bigger safe with shelves, if so you may need to get more than one set.

  • 2×8-inch LED strips with mounting
  • Built-in motion sensor
  • Battery-Powered  (AAA batteries included)
  • Designed specifically for Liberty safes

  • Great battery life

  • Affordable

  • Some Complaints of poor motion sensors

3. OxyLED Motion Sensor 20 Battery-powered LED Gun Safe Light

OxyLED Motion Sensor 20 Battery-powered LED Gun Safe Light

The OxyLED Motion Sensor safe lights come in a 3 pack of battery-powered LED light strips. Each lighting strip is powered by a 700 mAh battery and can be set up independently of the other strip lights.

The output from each 20-LED strip is 140 lumens, which is sufficient to light up your gun safe without blinding you after it turns on.

These strips are equipped with a light sensor in addition to the motion sensor. When the sensor senses some light in the environment, the motion sensor will remain dormant.

This feature helps save battery life by not switching on unnecessarily, but it can also cause the LEDs to remain off whilst the gun safe is already dimly lit. The sensor comes with three different light settings helping to increase energy efficiency.

You can choose the ‘auto’ setting, which will turn on the light if the motion sensor detects some movement. The ‘on’ setting will keep the lights on at all times, while the ‘off’ setting will keep the lights off all the time. You can also manually switch the lights on or off.

The safe lighting kit comes with a built-in, rechargeable battery pack included. It’s easy to recharge and doesn’t need a socket; all you have to do is to plug it in via a USB cable, and you’re all set. The intuitive design makes the lighting kit very easy to mount and unmount off the safe when you need to recharge it.

However, this does not mean that it will be loosely mounted when you open and close the safe door. Its locking mechanism firmly holds the light in place until you are ready to remove it to recharge.

This safe lighting kit is 7.5 inches in length, making it a perfect fit for most safes. The 20 ultrabright LEDs are sufficient to give you all the lighting you need inside any safe.

The kit is made from a high-grade aluminum alloy to increase durability, giving you a long-lasting, quality product. There is no place this lighting kit won’t light up.

  • 3×7.5-inch LED strips
  • Powered by 700mAh battery
  • Built-in motion sensors
  • Magnetic/stick-on mounting
  • Micro USB charging port
  • Easy installation

  • Versatile with both large or small safes

  • Good battery life

  • Inexpensive

  • Poor light detection (won’t turn on in semi-darkness)
  • Mounts poorly on carpeted surfaces

4. LOCKDOWN Cordless 75 LED Vault Light

LOCKDOWN Cordless 75 LED Vault Light

The Lockdown cordless 75 led vault light safe lighting kit has a very slim profile and can easily be mounted in almost any safe. The safelight is a single-piece, flat light made of 75 battery-powered LED bulbs with a total output brightness of 95 lumens.

It measures at 7.5 x 3 x 0.5 inches, which is almost the size of a large smartphone. This rectangular-shaped light is designed to mount directly to the sides of your safe. If the safe has metal walls or shelves, it mounts easily using included magnets.

Alternatively, you can mount the light that comes with a set of screws in case you want to mount on any other surface type.

The versatility of the mounting system allows you to place the lighting kit where ever you choose.

This particular kit has no motion sensor, which can be a dealbreaker for some. However, it has a large on/off button that is easy to find. The battery lasts for at least 5 hours of continuous use.

  • One flat, rectangular 95-lumen light
  • Powered by 3 AAA batteries (not included)
  • Screw or magnetic mount
  • Push-button on/off
  • Slim and lightweight

  • Strong magnetic mount

  • Very good battery life

  • No motion sensor
  • Mounts poorly on carpet surfaces

5. Light My Safe Executive Gun Safe Lighting Kit

Light My Safe Executive Gun Safe Lighting Kit

The Light My Safe Executive gun safe lighting kit is best suited for large gun safes. This lighting kit is the definition of high-quality lighting.

Each strip has an output of 450 lumens, which is at least twice the output of many other gun safe lighting kits on the market. The light output will illuminate the entire inside of your safe. 

This high brightness level makes it a good choice for all large safes. 

All the strips can be connected using the connection cords that are included in the package. A motion sensor is also included in the lighting kit.

Together with the motion sensor, the lights can be mounted on the walls in two ways, either with adhesive tape or with Velcro strips, both of which are included in the lighting kit. 

As a result, this means you can place them on steel shelves and carpeted surfaces, making the kit suitable for any of the variety of gun safes available. 

The kit is powered from a wall socket, so you might have to drill a small hole to get the wire through of your safe doesn’t have a built-in power source. 

The motion sensor is high quality, with the ability to detect motion from almost 10 ft away.

The Executive Gun Safe lighting kit also comes backed by Light My Safe’s lifetime warranty, which shows just how much the manufacturer trusts the product. This warranty includes coverage for any theft or fire damage that might occur.

  • 5×20-inch LED strips
  • Includes motion sensor
  • Adhesive or Velcro mounted
  • Durable

  • Suitable for even the largest safes

  • Lifetime warranty from manufacturer

  • Some assembling skills may be required
  • Slightly expensive

6. Sensky Gun Safe Lighting kit

Sensky Gun Safe Lighting kit

The Sensky gun safe lighting system arguably offers you the best value of any gun safe lighting kit available out there. However, it does take a little more effort to install.

You don’t get individual lighting strips, but a single, 8.2 ft length of the flexible LED light strip, which is more than enough to make any safe gun light up like a Christmas tree.

And that’s not all. It also comes with an infrared motion detector, a 120-volt AC power supply, and three 8-inch patch cords.

This light strip is as slim as cardboard. It also has a rubber housing, which makes it very flexible and easy to work with, and can be mounted with either adhesive or Velcro, although none of the two are included in the kit.

You don’t have to use all of it in one go, as the led strip can be cut into the required lengths, depending on your safe’s dimensions.

The downside? You’ll have to be comfortable doing all the wiring DIY-style. If you’re good with electronics and you have some electrical skills, this will give you an excellent little project for a few hours.

If wiring is not your thing, you can always find an electrician to do it for you. This extra work and cost might be a dealbreaker, so be aware of it before purchasing.

  • 8.2-ft coil of LED light strip
  • Includes 120v power supply and patch cables
  • Includes motion sensor
  • Can be mounted with adhesive or Velcro
  • AC power source
  • Can light up many shelves

  • Very slim and flexible

  • Mounts on any surface

  • Great value for money

  • Requires some electrical skill to install

Gun Safe Lights Buying Guide


There are two different types of light commonly used for a gun safe lighting system. The CFL-based lighting systems are made of fluorescent bulbs.

LED-based lighting kits last longer and are significantly more power-efficient. The are usually flexible and versatile enough to be mounted in any part of the gun safe.

The work well, are usually brighter than LEDs, but are not energy efficient, and don’t last nearly as long as LED lights, but are more affordable.

LED light kits have an 8-10 times longer lifecycle than CFL bulbs. Their only disadvantage is that if one LED in a strip becomes faulty, you might have to change the whole strip.

The price range is different for both lighting systems. A full LED safe lighting system will cost, on average, $50, while a CFL lighting system will cost in the region of $20.

Power source

If you don’t plan it well, powering your gun safe lighting system might prove to be a headache. The two different forms of power sources you can have are either AC or DC. AC requires that you have a power cable plugged into a wall socket. It is highly recommended to use AC power if your gun safe already has an internal power outlet.

If you don’t have the internal power outlet already in place when you plan to install the safety lights, you must install one. Although not recommended, the other option is to drill a hole through the safe to be able to accommodate the power cord, something you might not want to do if your safe is fire or waterproof and you want to keep it that way.

The DC power source is a battery pack, which eliminates the need for a cable but needs you to recharge or replace the battery pack frequently. Battery-powered kits are most ideal if you’re using manual switch lights and not motion detectors. That’s because the batteries can deplete faster when used continuously. They also are ideal for water/fireproof safes.

Motion Sensors vs Switch

Some safe lighting kits are equipped with motion sensors that will turn on the moment that they detect any motion either inside the safe or when the door is opened.

Others will have a switch that is manually pressed to turn on the light. If the room where the safe is located is bright enough and you don’t feel the need to switch on the gun safe lights, you can then keep them turned off.

This will help you to consume less energy, especially if you’re using a battery-powered gun safe system. However, manual switches can be hard to find or reach at times, especially when you’re in an emergency where you’re more likely to fumble due to the panic.

The motion sensor gun safe lighting kits will cost more than the manual switch gun safe lighting systems.

Bear in mind that motion detectors can give away your location when used in a dark environment in an emergency. However, the risk is similar for an intruder as well.

Mounting Choices: Magnets, Screws, or Adhesive?

How the gun safe light system will be installed inside the safe is another important consideration. Does your safe lighting kit come with all of the necessary fixtures and fittings to connect to your safe? Some kits offer you a frame that can be easily slid or stuck to the top or sides of your safe.

Gun safe light kits will offer various options for mounting the lights inside the safe. The available options are either screws, magnets, double-sided tape, or Velcro-based adhesives.

Magnets are easy to use when mounting the lights, but they are prone to snagging and shifting out of place when you move things in or out of the safe.

Despite this (minor) flaw, magnets are still a great choice when mounting either switches, battery packs, or motion detectors on the sides of the safe.

Screws offer a sturdier alternative for mounting your gun safe lights, and they ensure the lights will be in place under all circumstances. Screws are also a better option to mount your battery packs, switches, or motion sensors so they will permanently stay in place without any worries.

Adhesives are a simpler and more effective alternative to the options mentioned above. All you have to do is simply place the lights into position, peel off the adhesive from its back and mount it into place. You may also like to check out some gun safe reviews.


Q: How to install gun safe lights?


  1. Clean the walls of your gun safe.
  2. Attach LED lights where you want them to be placed.
  3. Mount motion sensor on the vault hinge.

Most gun-safe light kits come with the required installation equipment. They also include an instruction manual. Based on your safe manufacturer and type, the instructions may slightly differ but other than that the installation is pretty straightforward.

Key Concerns:

  • Power Supply(battery or wall plug)
  • Attachment method(Adhesive, clips, etc)
  • Motion Sensor

Q: Do I need a motion sensor for my gun safe light?

For added usability, it is best to install a motion sensor in your gun safe. With adequate lighting after you add a gun-safe light system, you can turn the lights in your safe on and off with a single gesture.

Some safe lights allow you to adjust the time delay of the light turning on and off. But these sensors only work in a dark environment.

Q: Do I need a gun-safe light?

Yes, they are very important for any firearm owner. You cannot try to access a gun safe in bad lighting or worse no lighting at all.

With the best gun-safe lights, you can easily locate the weapon of your choice. It eliminates the possibility of a misfire and saves a lot of time and energy.

In short, having gun safe lights means you’re more secure when rummaging through the safe.

Q: Should I go for cord or cordless safe lights?

Cordless gun safe lights are often better than corded gun safe lights. This is primarily because you do not have to drill a hole in your safe. But both these variants come with their pros and cons.

For example, cordless lights operate on batteries. They won’t work when the batteries run out of juice. Similarly, though corded lights won’t need batteries to operate, electricity is a must. In times of a power outage, you can’t switch on the lights.



A gun safe lighting kit is an essential part of organizing and safe usage of your gun safe. Remember to mount your lights in positions where the don’t restrict movement when you take stuff in and out of the safe. The best place to put them is preferably on the interior of the gun safe roof or the walls. rather than the back of the door, that is well, kind of pointless!

It would help if you also angled the lights so that the focus on the important areas. If you’re using LED strips, these will offer more versatility and overall better lighting options. So that’s it for our list of the best gun safe lights on amazon.

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