7 Best Gun Cleaning Kit 2022 – Keep Your Gun Rust Free

Using quality gun cleaning equipment not only keeps your firearm in tip-top condition but also reduces the chances of misfiring or malfunctioning. The following information will help you pick the best gun cleaning kit for your specific gun and why you need to clean your guns.

Top 3 Choice Awards

Editors Choice

Hoppe’s Universal Gun Cleaning Accessory Kit

The Best Gun Safe Accessories

  • Durable parts
  • Excellent cleaning
  • Long-lasting casing
Premium Choice

OUTERS Universal .17 & Up 62-Piece 70090 Gun Cleaning Kit

The Best Gun Safe Accessories

  • Well presented kit.
  • Metal rods.
  • Brushes feel solid and sturdy.
Budget Choice

Allen Company Ultimate Universal Gun Cleaning Kit

The Best Gun Safe Accessories

  • 65 piece kit
  • Neat housing
  • Extra space



1. Hoppe’s No. 9 Deluxe Gun Cleaning Kit

Amazon Basics Fire Resistant Box Safe

To say that it is among the best gun cleaning kits is the best available out there would be an understatement. Upon opening the package, you come across an expensive-looking box that looks heavy-duty and durable wearing a dark stain color scheme.

Next, the finger joints on the box look strong and study. Inside the box, the user will find Phosphor Bronze brushes for cleaning the barrel from inside. These brushes feature bristles that efficiently clean metal and lead surfaces.

The kit also features a bottle of lubricating oil that contains high viscosity oil that the user needs to apply to the bronze brush before inserting it inside the barrel for cleaning. The thick oil is ideal for cleaning gun barrels and other metallic and hardened surfaces. Extra viscosity of the oil to last for a long time without expiring or getting stiff.

The kit contains a three-piece Brass Rod featuring a handle with a ball bearing swivel that allows the rod to stick to the gun’s bore rifling when cleaning. This helps in cleaning the gun rifling. The handle gives a firm grip to the user when cleaning the rifling.

Inside the kit, you will find a gun bore cleaner. The bore cleaner allows users to clean the firearm without trouble easily. The bore cleaner comes in handy when removing rust, powder, and fouling of metal from the gun barrel’s surface.

It is also convenient for cleaning different types of surfaces. The gun bore cleaner is renowned for penetrating deeply for better, thorough cleaning of other surfaces.

In short, the cleaning kit has everything that a gun owner would want when cleaning the firearm. The kit consists of several components and is designed for universal cleaning, making it easy to clean any firearm. The cleaning kit comes with a booklet to guide firearm owners on using the cleaning kit properly.

  • Efficient cleaning of metals.

  • Easy to use

  • Long-lasting

  • Durable casing

  • Mostly out of stock

2. OUTERS Universal .17 & Up 62-Piece 70090 Gun Cleaning Kit in Aluminum Case

OUTERS Universal .17 & Up 62-Piece 70090 Gun Cleaning Kit in Aluminum Case

Next on the list is The OUTERS Universal .17 up 62-Piece 70090 gun cleaning kit. The cleaning kit is ideal for shooters who wish to keep their firearms nice and clean and in optimum condition before the hunting season begins.

This gun cleaning kit contains many components that are safely housed on a durable aluminum case. The case looks good, sturdy, and heavy, but it is light in weight, making it easy to carry.

Inside the package, the user will find kit components sitting neatly in their slots. The nice little package contains everything that a firearm owner needs to have in a gun cleaning kit.

There are brass rods for cleaning the gun barrel from inside. The brushes have sturdy metal or brass filaments to help users clean the metal surface with ease.

The kit contains cleaning clothes for users to clean the surface and barrel thoroughly. Bore cleaners keep the bore free of dirt and debris when firing.

  • Well presented kit.

  • Contains custom parts

  • Durable and lightweight case

  • Metal rods.

  • Brushes feel solid and sturdy.

  • No lubricants out of the box

3. Allen Company Ultimate Universal Weapon Gun Cleaning Kit

Allen Company Ultimate Universal Weapon Gun Cleaning Kit

The name of this kit is self-explanatory. The kit has 65 pieces, each of which uses high-quality materials. The kit is exclusively for those who take great care of their guns. Housed inside a neat-looking rugged toolbox, the 65-piece kit has everything inside that a firearm owner may need to clean the gun.

Open the kit, and the user will find compartments listing names and sizes of cleaning items. Gun owners and hunters will love to have this kit as it has components to clean shotguns, pistols, and rifles.

The size of the box leaves enough space inside for users to keep patches, chemicals, and lubricants, cleaning cloths, and brushes. You will find bronze brushes of 410, 20, and 12 bore rifles. Additionally, the kit features bronze brushes to clean pistols and rifles.

Compartments for brass adaptors for shotguns are also available. There are 4 and 6mm muzzle guards brass cleaning rods out of the box. Users will also find the picking tool inside the kit.

  • 65 piece kit

  • Ideals professional hunters and shooters

  • Neat housing

  • High-grade components

  • Extra space

  • Short Brass rods

4. Allen Company Ruger Universal Handgun Cleaning Kit

Allen Company Ruger Universal Handgun Cleaning Kit

This universal gun cleaning kit is especially for users that settle for nothing less than the best. The kit boasts excellent-looking packing that features a clear lid mounted with latches. Users can clean various handguns using this kit, including 9mm, 10mm, .380 ACP, 45 ACP, and magnum 40 calibers.

Inside the box, you will find components, including a 4 piece-cleaning rod made out of brass. The rod feels solid when in hand and cleans the inside of the barrel without strutting.

The package also has 3 bronze brushes and cotton swabs. Using cotton swabs ensures that no dirt remains on your firearm. Other components include an organizational tray, a muzzle guard, and a toolbox featuring a clean lid with latches.

The kit comes inside a solid toolbox that keeps the components safe and free from damage.

  • Easy to carry

  • Sturdy components

  • Bronze rods

  • Brushes with metallic filaments

  • Solid and lightweight casing

  • Kit looks scarce

5. Smith & Wesson M&P Compact Pistol Cleaning Kit

Smith & Wesson M&P Compact Pistol Cleaning Kit

Cleaning a small-caliber pistol can be difficult for a variety of reasons. Pistols usually have smaller barrels that are hard to reach. Using cloth for cleaning the barrel is useless, as the barrel remains dirty from inside. It would help to have suitable cleaning equipment for this purpose.

This is where Smith & Wesson M&P Compact pistol cleaning kit comes in handy. This compact cleaning kit is for cleaning handguns of various calibers. The kit works efficiently with all types of handguns ranging from .22mm to .45 caliber.

The kit is very compact, making it highly portable so that you can take it anywhere with you. The kit boasts an elegant design and contains magazine-like pouches and smaller compartments. Despite its compact size, the carrying case is durable as it provides ample protection to cleaning components inside.

With this kit in your hand, now you can clean your pistol virtually anywhere. The kit box comes with a rigid cover with a zipper that protects the kit from dust. Components of the cleaning kit include standard cleaning tools with an extendable T handle for easy cleaning of the barrel.

Other components include brushes with metal or bronze filaments and a compact plastic tray that houses all components together when not in use.

  • Small and compact

  • Portable

  • Contains everything

  • Elegant looking casing

  • Durable

  • Small parts need care.

6. Real Avid Gun Boss Handgun Cleaning Kit

Real Avid Gun Boss Handgun Cleaning Kit
Are you looking to buy a pistol cleaning kit? Try the new Real Avid Gun Boss Handgun Cleaning kit. This gun cleaning kit boasts a small size and a compact design. Despite its small size and compact packaging, this kit offers the necessary components to keep your handgun clean.

The package has nylon tips, a cleaning rod, patches, and a handle. Every element inside the kit is neatly housed inside a compact casing.

This ensures that every component of the kit remains in pristine condition after every use. The 9-inch metallic rod has a T handle that makes it easy to use and grip. Inside the kit, you will find phosphor bronze brushes for .22 caliber all the way up to .38 caliber.

The kit also contains red color nylon jags and several gun-cleaning patches. Nylon jags fit nicely inside the barrel of your handgun and clean it properly. Applying force to the cleaning jag when cleaning the barrel does not break the jag.

The 9-inch cleaning rod suits handguns between .22 – .45 caliber. This means that the cleaning rod will clean most handgun barrels with ease.

The highly rugged and durable casing keeps your cleaning kit free from dust, dirt and water. Covering of a ballistic nylon shell provides extra protection and ruggedness to the kit.

  • Compact size

  • Ballistic nylon shell provides extra protection

  • Durable parts

  • 9-inch cleaning rod

  • T handle for additional control

  • Small components

7. Hoppe’s Universal Gun Cleaning Accessory Kit

Hoppe’s Universal Gun Cleaning Accessory Kit
Your search for the best gun cleaning kit brings you another quality gun cleaning kit. The Hoppe’s Universal Gun Cleaning Kit is a versatile kit designed to clean different firearms of different calibers.

Inside the box, you will find Hoppe’s BoreSnake that easily cleans the bore, synthetic lubricating oil, and a gun bore cleaner. The kit’s other components include 9 phosphor bronze brushes, a durable aluminum cleaning rod, slotted ends for easy mounting of cleaning patches, and cotton cleaning swabs.

The gun bore cleaner provides efficient cleaning of gun bores of different calibers. The cleaner removes the residue of metal, lead, and rust. The bore cleaner cleans it deep and thoroughly.

Synthetic lubricant oil offers viscosity that keeps your gun protected from wear and tear. The friction that oil also protects the firearm from moisture and humidity damage.

Hoppe’s proprietary BoreSnake is one of the safest and fastest bore cleaners available today. Proper use of this bore cleaner helps remove chunks of big particles. Use a bronze brush to remove the uprooted residue and use a swab larger than a standard patch to clean the bore thoroughly.

  • Best for cleaning caliber guns

  • Durable parts

  • Long-lasting casing

  • Excellent cleaning

  • Numerous slotted ends and swabs

  • Difficult to carry


Buying Guide – What are the Essential Tools Needed in A Gun Cleaning Kit?

Before purchasing a gun cleaning kit, it is necessary to look for a cleaning kit that comes with the following items:

Bore cleaner – try a cleaning kit that comes with a gun bore cleaner. Make sure to use the gun cleaning bore rod with a case so that its chamber and crown remains undamaged


Cleaning brush – did you know that dust particles can reach tiny spaces inside your gun? Using a soft filament nylon brush makes cleaning these areas easy without causing damage


Case and tray – I always prefer buying cleaning kits that come with cases and trays. The tray allows you to pick the cleaning tool and put it back in the tray after cleaning. The case protects the components of your cleaning kit.


What are the benefits of gun cleaning kits?

Every firearm starts to show signs of wear and tear after a specific time. Years of rugged use leads to the buildup of residue and metal deposit inside the gun chamber. Exposure to moisture and water leads to corrosion and rust, both of which can render your firearm useless.

Regular cleaning of your firearm can protect it from corrosion and rust. Lubricating it with oil reduces friction despite regular use of the firearm.


What things to look for in a gun cleaning kit?

Before purchasing a gun cleaning kit, it is best to look for the supplies inside the package. Your gun cleaning kit must contain cotton patches, cleaning brushes made of nylon, gun swabs, and a T rod for cleaning guns with longer barrels if you have a shotgun, bronze brushes, mops, and lubricants. Owners of small firearms can also use these cleaning kits.


What types of gun cleaning kits can I buy?

The best option is to invest in a cleaning kit that suits the type of firearm you may have. For instance, owners of handguns can look into cleaning kits tailor-made for cleaning handguns and small-caliber firearms.

Additionally, you can also look to buy universal gun cleaning kits that are available in the market. These kits offer cleaning equipment that is suitable for small as well as large caliber guns.



What is the best gun cleaning kit for a 9mm?

Handguns and small firearms have smaller parts. Users of these guns need to practice extra caution when cleaning. You will find many handgun cleaning kits on the market. Make sure to go for a kit with solid parts, jags, and swabs for cleaning small pieces.

To clean the small barrel, you should look for a sturdy cleaning rod but small enough to enter the barrel. The kit should also contain a bronze brush that facilitates easy cleaning.


Should you oil the inside of a gun barrel?

It is best to keep the gun barrel free from oil and lubricants. The gun barrel works best when dry, and lubricating it can cause significant damage. The only time you should use a light coat of oil is when you intend to store it for some time. When you intend to use the gun again, run a dry patch inside the barrel to clean off oil and dust.


Cleaning your gun using WD-40

As a firearm owner, you should know that cleaning your gun from time to time is necessary. Using chemicals like WD-40 can make you look shiny and clean for a while, but it is not recommended. Instead, it is best to use high-quality gun cleaning kits as they clean your firearm better.

WD-40 works best against rust, so using it for cleaning the firearm that has no rust on it makes little sense. WD-40 cannot clean the inside of the barrel and gun bore adequately, so using gun cleaning kits makes more sense.


How often should you clean your handgun?

Like other firearms, your handgun also requires cleaning from time to time. The need to clean the firearm depends on many factors. If you use the firearm more frequently, then you might need to clean it more. However, using the handgun once in a month or so still requires cleaning.

It is best to clean your handgun using high-quality cleaning kits only. The safety and overall health of your gun depending on how frequently you wash it.


Best way to remove gunpowder residue?

Cleaning your gun with top quality bore solution using the bronze brush. Make sure to use a gun cleaning kit from a reputable brand. The bore cleaner takes off the gunpowder residue properly, leaving no traces of the power behind.



So that’s it for our list of the best gun cleaning kits, and what you need to consider before buying one. Happy cleaning!

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