10 Best Gun Cabinets in 2022

If you are a gun enthusiast or avid hunter, then you are bound to want to look for a gun cabinet sooner or later. Modern gun cabinets are easy to set up, won’t break the bank, and offer adequate protection for your rifles.

In this article, we have listed 10 of the best gun cabinets available below, along with what makes them worth purchasing and what you need to consider before choosing the best gun cabinet for you.

Top 3 Gun Cabinets

Editor’s Pick

Ultimate Safe® E 7 Gun Cabinet for Rifles and Shotguns

best gun cabinets

  • Extremely Durable
  • A lot of storage space
  • Secure
Budget Choice

Dirty pro tools™ Shotgun Cabinet

best gun cabinets

  • Approved for safety
  • Comes with many helpful tools
  • Demo product pros
Premium Choice

Dirty pro tools™ 6 Gun Cabinet

best gun cabinets

  • Well-built and secure
  • Spacious
  • Aesthetically pleasing cabinet


1. Ultimate Safe® E 7 Gun Cabinet for Rifles and Shotguns

Ultimate Safe® E 7 Gun Cabinet for Rifles and Shotguns

The Ultimate Safe E 7 Gun cabinet comes with a triple-blade lock, and it is the top-rated one in the market. The following features make this stand out among the rest:

It is police-approved – Built to the British Standard for gun security.

Firearm Storage – extra deep and extra wide, suitable for storage of up to 7 rifles or shotguns (check the gun cabinet’s dimensions to see if it is suitable). The approximate dimensions are as follows: Height – 4ft 9″, Width – 13.8″, Depth 11.8″.

Maximum security – fitted with two unique Triple Blade Lock, created and designed by Ultimate Safe. The anti-crowbar door system offers great protection for firearms – the cabinet’s door can withstand attempts of being broken by chisels or crowbars. It also has a lockable internal ammunition storage box for security.

Sturdy Construction– Gun cabinets of this company are made of premium steel that is 25% thicker steel than the standard (British) requirement (that is, 2.5mm vs. 2mm). The overall weight is 48kg.

Suits any room – given its beautiful finish in a durable semi-gloss powder black coat finish, this shotgun safe looks good in almost any interior setting.

It comes with four pre-drilled holes, which can be found at the back and base for securing into the floor or wall. The fixing bolts are included.

This gun cabinet comes equipped with a foam base and memory foam gun divider to protect your guns from being scratched.

  • The cabinet is extremely durable.

  • Includes additional supports to make it more secure.

  • A lot of storage space.

  • Although it says you can fit up to 7 guns, it may be a squeeze.

2. Dirty pro tools™ Shotgun Cabinet

Dirty pro tools™ Shotgun Cabinet

This police-approved shotgun cabinet is the best budget choice you can make from the many gun cabinets found on Amazon. For a low cost, you will get a product with the following outstanding qualities:

Built to the British Standard BS7558/92 for gun security, this cabinet has some great features, such as two seven lever-locks fitted, two keys supplied for each of these locks, an anti-crowbar door system.

There are also four pre-drilled holes at the base and in the back for securing it into the floor or wall, with fixing bolts included. It has a foam base and foam gun divider as well.

It is suitable for holding about three shotguns. The dimensions of the cabinet are as follows: Internal height 128cms.

Weight of the product: 24kgs

  • Approved for safety.

  • Comes with many helpful tools.

  • Some customers have complained that it is too small to fit three guns.

3. Dirty pro tools™ 6 Gun Cabinet (Deluxe Model)

Dirty pro tools™ 6 Gun Cabinet

The Dirt pro tool 6 gun cabinet is made of steel alloy and grey in color, this gun cabinet is extra-wide and deep.

Of a well-known brand: Dirty Pro Tools – Built to the British Standard (that is, bs7558/92) and has police approval.

Pre-drilled holes for fixing into floor or wall with fixing bolts included.

Dimensions are as follows: 1300mm by 350mm by 300mm.

Suitable to hold six scoped rifles (depending on your scope size) or six shotguns with two seven lever locks.

Weight of product: 32 kgs

  • Well-built and secure

  • Spacious

  • Aesthetically pleasing cabinet

  • Requires maintenance

  • Locks are faulty

4. Ultimate Safe® 6 Gun Cabinet for Shotguns and Rifles

Ultimate Safe® 6 Gun Cabinet for Shotguns and Rifles

This is a great gun storage option for shotguns. If you are looking to hold a lot of guns in one place for safekeeping. The following specifications make it worth purchasing:

It is police-approved and built to the British Standard (BS7558/92) for gun security.

Firearm Storage – extra deep and wide, it is suitable to store up to 6 shotguns or rifles with scopes (check dimensions of the gun cabinet for suitability).

Approximate dimensions of this cabinet: Height – 145cm, Width – 35cm, Depth 30cm.

Offers maximum security – equipped with two unique triple Blade Locks designed and created by Ultimate Safe.

The Anti-crowbar door system offers outstanding protection for your firearms – the cabinet door has been tested to withstand attempts to be broken into using crowbars or chisels. It also has a lockable internal ammunition security storage box.

Well-built Construction – the company’s gun cabinets (Ultimate Safe) are made from premium steel, which is 25% thicker steel than the British standard requirement.

Total Weight of Product: 48Kg

It fits perfectly – the finish is of a durable semi-gloss black powder coat, it looks appropriate in just any interior setting. It comes with four pre-drilled holes found in the back and base for securing into the wall or floor, fixing bolts included.

This gun safe has a memory foam gun divider along with a foam base to protect your guns from scratches.

  • Well-constructed.

  • Overall great value for money.

  • Offers great security.

  • Locks can be difficult to open.

5. Dirty pro tools™ 6 Gun Cabinet

Dirty pro tools™ 6 Gun Cabinet

With built-in Ammo safe rifle guns, this one is our favorite among all the different products listed here. These are the specifications that make it stand out from the rest of the gun cabinets mentioned:

Built to the British standard (bs7558/92) for police approval.

This is a large wide/deep model, not the slimline model, and allows you to hold up to 6 guns

Designed with a foam base and built-in ammunition safe

Good overall finish

It is suitable for six scoped rifles (depending on scoop size) or shotguns with two seven lever locks.

  • Good value for money

  • Well-made and sturdy

  • Easy to install

  • It does not come with batteries included.

  • Some people have complained of wear and tear.

6. Dirty pro tools 6 Gun Cabinet Deluxe Model

Dirty pro tools 6 Gun Cabinet Deluxe Model

Made of Alloy Steel, this cabinet is Dirty Pro Tools’ masterpiece. The important specifications of this gun safe are mentioned below:

Built to the British Standard (that is, bs7558/92) and has police approval.

A large wide/deep model, not a slimline one like the other six gun cabinets.

Designed with a built-in ammunition safe and vault locking pins on the top and bottom of the door. This safe is good for six scoped rifles (depending on the scope size) and six shotguns.

External dimensions : H 1500 x W 350 x D 300mm (longer than usual models)

Weight: 45kg

  • Built-in locking system

  • Beautiful finish

  • Made with quality steel

  • The fixing bolts could be of better quality.

7. GDK 2 Gun Breakdown Cabinet

GDK 2 Gun Breakdown Cabinet

This particular gun cabinet is a great storage unit for about two guns. Made of steel and found in black color, this is a great investment, with the following specifications:

Police approved and built to the British Standard: BS7558/92

The dimensions are as follows: H 900mm x W 245mm x D 205mm

It comes with a memory foam rack for two guns

  • Easy to install

  • Soft lining protects the guns’ finish

  • Even a crowbar cannot gain access

  • It does not come with batteries.

8. Rottner GUN 1 Ammunition Cupboard

Rottner GUN 1 Ammunition Cupboard

The Rottner gun cabinet is built with a steel alloy, this product is more for air rifles, so it is intended to store a specific kind of gun.

This ammunition weapon cabinet provides protection and safety for one long weapon.

These are the approximate dimensions:

H1250 x W200 x D200

Fixings are supplied with this cabinet, and anchoring it is recommended for increased safety.

Weight of product: 8kg

  • It can fit a long weapon, unlike the rest of the cabinets.

  • Good Construction

  • Very little storage capacity

  • Not in keeping with gun laws

9. GDK 4 Gun Cabinet

GDK 4 Gun Cabinet

This cabinet is deep enough for four scoped rifles and spacious enough for about six shotguns. It comes in black color and is constructed of steel. It has the capacity for four guns and is extra deep for scoped rifles.

The area and dimensions for this product are as follows:

Height:1300mm x Width: 270mm x Depth: 270mm

It also has an anti-crowbar door system, with 2 x 7 lever key locks.

Guaranteed police approval, and is up to the British Standards: bs7558/92

Four-gun memory foam rack provided.

  • Well-made and durable

  • It comes with handy tools.

  • Reliable and spacious

  • The door does not fully open.

  • It is quite heavy.

 10. Sealey SEGS8 Gun Cabinet

Sealey SEGS8 Gun Cabinet

The Sealey gun cabinet comes with an electronic lock and ammo box and can hold around eight guns. This gun cabinet has the largest storage capacity of all the cabinets on this list.

The floor and side walls are carpeted to protect the guns from damage when taking out the cabinet or putting it away.

This cabinet has a set of securing bolts with floor and rear holes for fixing to the wall or floor.

Features an electronic keypad lock or can be opened manually with the two keys provided and two small keys for locking the internal ammunition compartment.

External Dimensions are as follows: 490 x 360 x 1450mm

Item weight: 68 kg

  • It has a lot of storage capacity.

  • Good value for money

  • Extremely safe and secure

  • Some customers have complained about the quality.

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Gun Cabinet Buying Guide

Finding the right gun safe can be challenging. With thousands of options to choose from, you are bound to get confused.

So, how do you choose the correct one?

It doesn’t have to be tricky. You can look for certain characteristics and find your dream safe in no time.

Look for the following factors before buying a gun safe.

1.      Size

This is the number one aspect for anyone who owns a firearm(s). Check the specifications of the safe and make sure it is big enough to hold your collection. Now, it is very important to note that any accessories that you may have on the firearm. The guns will take up more space with accessories. So, get a bigger sized gun cabinet.

In any case, it is wiser to get a bigger gun safe if you plan on adding it to your collection. If you get a safe that is just the right size to hold your existing weapons, you may not have enough room for new ones.

2.      Construction (thickness, weight, locking mechanism, and type)

When buying a gun safe it is essential to ensure that it can survive physical attacks. For this, thick steel construction is important. Note that we don’t mean just a thick door!

The whole safe needs to be built from high-quality tamper-proof thick steel. Go for a minimum of 7-gauge steel walls to keep your firearms and valuables protected.

Next, you must look at the welding. Continuous welding and full penetration body welding are the most secure for a gun safe. Along with the welding, you will also get to choose between internal and external hinges. External hinges are the safest way to go in this case. While internal hinges give the safe a sleek appearance, they don’t provide much security.

Type of Lock

There are three primary types of locks you can get.

  • Mechanical Dial

These generally require you to enter a combination by turning the wheel. Some safes let you access the firearms with a key too.

  • Electronic Keypad

These require you to enter a digital pin or password onto a keypad to open the safe.

  • Biometric Lock

These are found in hi-tech gun safes. This type of locking mechanism uses technologies like facial recognition and fingerprint sensors to allow users to access the safe.

3.      Security Rating

The main feature here is the bolt system. The thicker the bolts are, the better. The most basic safes come with two bolts on both sides of the door.

Thanks to modern solutions, many safes now come with an anti-drilling feature. It is almost impossible to break into the safe unless the thief has hours to do so.

4.      Fire Rating and Water Protection

According to specialists, fire protection is more important than protecting the safe from burglars. In case of a fire, your belongings can turn to ash within a few minutes.

We would recommend getting a gun cabinet that has at least 1-hour fire rating. Why waste your money on anything below this?

The investment will be worth it since it keeps your valuables and firearms protected in any condition.


Gun Safes Versus Gun Cabinets

Gun cabinets are typically not as pricey as the safes but are also not as secure. The do not have sliding bolts in the doors but have other means of locks.

The glass-fronted decorative cabinet holding a fine shotgun collection is an example of an aesthetically pleasing means of storage but offers limited security.

The may be nice to look at, and easy to open to retrieve your Browning Citori, but that ease of opening is itself its downfall. All that someone needs to do is break the glass, and the guns are gone. Despite the aesthetics, the ease of access can make glass cabinets problematic.

The metal gun cabinet is a step up in terms of secure storage from cabinets made of glass, but still not nearly as effective as a gun safe. This is because the materials cabinets tend to be made from, are thinner metal and typically have a simple keyed lock on the door.

The guns might be locked up, but just not as securely as if the were in a gun safe with heavier Construction and solid bolts. Gun cabinets are also not flood or fireproof.

Why are Gun Cabinets Important?

These are really helpful and essential products for gun owners, and the are vital to keeping your guns in good condition. But most importantly, they are necessary and required by law in some cases.

For example, did you know some states require you to lock up guns? States tend to have laws requiring that unattended firearms be locked up. Twenty-seven states have laws in place to keep stored guns out of children’s hands, while other states reiterate that firearms be stored to avoid unauthorized access.

What is the Best Gun Cabinet?

A good gun cabinet is one that keeps your firearms accessible, organized, safe from damage, and from the hands of anyone who would misuse it — deliberately or accidentally.

Depending on your gun collection and the level of security you desire, you can select which one of the above you feel is best for you to purchase and invest in. We have given our top picks based on storage, durability, budget, and overall, according to different standards; you can decide which combination suits you.

Find a durable storage cabinet so that your gun collection’s quality does not get compromised, and you can store them all safely and comfortably.

According to us, the best one to purchase, keeping in mind price, storage, and quality, is the Dirty Pro Tools’ 6 Gun Cabinet. Not only does it have excellent storage capacity, durability, and for the price, it is undoubtedly one of the best gun cabinets on Amazon, in our humble opinion.

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So that’s it for our round-up on all the best gun cabinets available today, don’t miss the buying guide and comparisons table, these should help you make your final decision.

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