The Best Gun Belts For Concealed Carry – 2022

Leaving home with your heavy firearm on the move can be tricky. Carrying your firearm discreetly in a bulky holster makes it easy to spot. What you need is a gun belt that lets you carry your firearm with ease. Ordinary belts can make your firearm slip and lose its position.

A gun belt is designed to let you move freely when carrying your firearm. The best gun belt is the one that keeps your firearm in one position. A gun belt protects you and conceals your weapon without you losing comfort. Below is a list of the finest gun belts available on the market:

Top 3 Gun Belts

Editors Choice

Relentless Tactical Conceal Carry Gun Belt

Best women's concealed carry clothing

  • 14 oz full grain US leather
  • Sturdy platform
  • Discrete use
Premium Choice

Kmioc Conceal Carry CCW Leather Gun Belt

Best women's concealed carry clothing

  • 5-inch width
  • Adjustable
  • Full-grain Italian leather
Budget Choice

Fairwin Military Style Web Gun Belt

Best women's concealed carry clothing

  • One hand function
  • No hole design
  • Metal buckle



1. Relentless Tactical the Ultimate Conceal Carry CCW Gun Belt | Made in USA | 14 oz Leather

Amazon Basics Fire Resistant Box SafeThe Relentless tactical ultimate conceal carry CCW gun belt is made of premium full-grain US leather that keeps it firm when holding your firearm. The belt comes with a lifetime warranty and does not bend or stretch. This allows the belt to firmly hold your firearm without letting it slip.

The Relentless tactical ultimate conceal carry CCW gun belt helps you carry your firearm and related gear like a flashlight, magazine pouches, IWB, and OWB holsters.

Use of full grain leather makes the gun belt strong, firm, stylish, and easy for discrete use.

  • 14 oz full grain US leather

  • Available in different sizes

  • Sturdy platform

  • Discrete use

  • Costly

2. Kmioc Conceal Carry CCW Leather Gun Belt 1 1/2 inch 100% Full Grain Thick Leather Belt for Gun Carry

Amazon Basics Fire Resistant Box Safe
The Kmioc Conceal Carry CCW Leather Gun Belt features one-piece full grain thick leather. The belt has no fillers and is made of pure leather. It is strong enough to hold your firearm without bending or twisting.

The Italian leather gives the belt a fashionable look. The Kmioc conceal carry CCW leather gun belt can take wear and tear without losing its shine. With this belt, carrying your firearm discretely is easier than you think.

The sturdy leather protects the belt from bending and rolling when carrying your firearm. This gun belt comes with a 100 years manufacturer warranty out of the box as the leather does not tear or rip despite rugged use.

  • Full grain Italian leather

  • 5 inch width

  • Adjustable

  • 100 year warranty

  • Less stiffness

3. Fairwin Tactical Belt, Military Style Webbing Riggers Web Gun Belt with Heavy-Duty Quick-Release Metal Buckle (Black)

Amazon Basics Fire Resistant Box Safe
If you wish to look stylish when discretely carrying your firearm, then The Farwin Tactical Belt, Military Style Webbing Riggers Web Gun Belt is for you. The gun belt a quick release buckle that the user can open and close with one hand like a seat belt.

The tactical gun belt is 115cm wide and 3.8cm thick and fits waists of up to 36 inches. Wearing and removing the belt is easy.

The user must remove the buckle from the webbing, get the webbing through loops of the best and adjust it to your size. The gun belt features no holes and offers heady duty use for easily carrying weapons and tools.

The metal buckle of the belt can take a heavy pulling force. Farwin tactical best is available in small, medium and large sizes.

  • Easy to use

  • One hand function

  • No hole design

  • Metal buckle

  • Buckle is large for some users

4. Magpul Tejas Gun Belt “El Original” 1.5 Inch Conceal Carry CCW Bullhide Leather and Reinforced Polymer Gun Belt

Amazon Basics Fire Resistant Box Safe
The Magpul Tejas “El Original” 1.5 Inch Conceal Carry CCW Gun Belt is designed to carry heavy firearms without losing its position. This tough and rigid made in USA gun belt allows you to carry your firearm discreetly with ease.

The tactical belt offers the comfort of a dress belt due to its looks and clean design. The belt keeps your firearm stable and thanks to the use of quality materials in its design.

The updated 2020’s design features a full-grain American bull hide with reinforced polymer. These materials add to the strength and rigidity of the belt’s original design. The new design makes it among the best gun belts available on the market.

The newly designed belt has a low profile buckle design for increased comfort for users. The gun belt comes with tool-free fasteners for easy removal.

  • Bull hide with reinforced polymer

  • Rigid and comfortable

  • Low profile buckle

  • Thickness

5. Black Deluxe Cartridge Genuine Leather SASS Gun GUNS4US Belt Style 22 cal LC Ammo Loops Western Cowboy Gun Pistol

Amazon Basics Fire Resistant Box Safe
The Black Deluxe Cartridge Genuine Leather SASS Gun GUNS4US Belt is unique and useful in many ways. It is one of the few remaining belt designs in the market that offer sewn loops for rimfire cartridges. The external cartridge storage simplifies gun reloading for its users.

The belt is made in the USA and comes in different sizes. It features a single layer of 10 oz grain saddle skirting with closures in billet style. Users are advised to measure their waist size over the pants when ordering the belt.

  • Sewn Bullet for cartridges

  • Grain saddle skirting

  • More than 2 inches width

  • Available on special request

6. Fairwin Tactical Rigger Belt, Nylon Webbing Waist Belt with V-ring Heavy-Duty Quick-Release Buckle

Amazon Basics Fire Resistant Box Safe
Comes packed with a gift box, this tactical belt can be a great giveaway for enthusiasts and soldiers. The nylon webbing waist belt features a super quick one-second quick release buckle that makes great wear. The belt comes in different sizes and thicknesses so users can pick the size and thickness they want.

The military design of the belt features a heavy-duty military-style buckle and a V-ring for attaching accessories and gear. The maximum weight that this belt can bear is 1100lb, which makes it a popular choice among law enforcement and armed forces personnel.

This tactical belt is made of high-strength eco-friendly fast dry nylon material. It is an easy-to-wear belt for daily use and is comfortable. The belt comes with a 2-year warranty and offers a 60-day return free of cost.

  • High strength nylon

  • One second release buckle

  • 1100 lbs. weight carriage

  • Preferred for heavy duty use

7. Galco Gunleather SB3 Dress Belt, Gun Belt

Amazon Basics Fire Resistant Box Safe
The Galco Gunleather SB3 Dress Belt, Gun Belt is ideal for users who prefer to have a gun belt that offers comfort when wearing. This gun belt boasts a premium look thanks to its premium saddle leather construction. The belt has a back closure with a steerhide and offers a comfortable belt look through feature edge construction.

The featured brass buckle has a solid feel to it thanks to nickel plating. The thickness is one and a half-inch. A perfect blend of a dressed belt with the durability of a gun belt, the Galco Gunleather SB3 is the ideal combination of both.

  • Saddle leather

  • Brass buckle

  • Two in one design

  • Feature edge design

  • Looks fragile

8. PETAC GEAR Tactical Rigger’s Belt with Cobra Buckle MOLLE Gun Belt Heavy Duty Belt Range Belt 1.75″ Inner Belt 2″ Outer Belt

Amazon Basics Fire Resistant Box Safe
PETAC GEAR Tactical Rigger’s Belt with Cobra Buckle is great for tactical applications and features numerous molle spaces. The quality of this belt rivals more expensive gun belts. The belt features a Velcro inner belt that makes it easy to wear and adjust. The versatile and durable design and cobra buckles give it the ability to carry your gear.

The inner belt easily detaches from the outer belt without you needing to remove your gear. The belt sturdily holds its position despite attaching gun mags, holsters, and pouches. It can become the best EDC belt without costing you a lot of money.

  • The two belt system

  • Cobra buckle design

  • Double bet system

  • Double webbing would add strength

9. WOLF TACTICAL Heavy Duty Quick-Release EDC Belt – Stiffened 2-Ply 1.5” Nylon Gun Belt for Conceal Carry, Holsters, Pouches, Military Training

Amazon Basics Fire Resistant Box Safe
WOLF TACTICAL Heavy-Duty Quick-Release EDC Belt is for users who prefer to carry their firearms on the move. This EDC gun belt offers adequate support to carry firearms of different sizes. The belt is easy to wear and remove and lets you quickly draw your firearm without any problems.

Users of this belt will find the adjustable Velcro a welcome change. You can hang accessories, gun mags, holster, and pouch around the belt without it losing its position. The sturdy grip does not change your firearm’s position. The use of rigid nylon webbing gives the belt extra toughness. Users can use the belt for training, carrying firearms during everyday use, and outdoor sports.

  • Rigid materials

  • Quick release

  • Adjustable Velcro

  • Loose sewing around Velcro



Do you carry a handgun on your waistline more often than you can count?

If so, you know how important a reliable gun belt is. For beginners, no—you cannot use just any leather belt to carry your firearm. Traditional belts aren’t sturdy enough to hold heavy pistols and guns.

Well, you will get to choose from plenty of options but how can you narrow it down to your ideal belt?

You need to consider some specific factors before buying a gun belt. Here’s a quick guide that will help you speed up the research process when finding the best gun belt.



Go for a gun belt that has enough rigidity to carry a heavy firearm. If it is not rigid enough, it will be very uncomfortable and will break anytime. Your gun won’t be secure if the belt is not strong.

Rigid belts don’t buckle or flex even when you squeeze them. This is why they are safer if you wish to strap your pistol/gun onto them.



Don’t ignore the buckle design, especially if you’re getting the belt for OWB. For example, metal buckles can interfere with holsters and have issues with printing.

So, make sure to get a belt with the right type of buckle.



Traditional belts are created using nylon. However, the best gun belts are made using the best quality leather. The material makes it sturdy enough to carry heavy guns and accessories on it.

While you’re at it, it’s good to get a metal core for added rigidity. In most cases, these belts are designed to be stiff and will serve the purpose flawlessly.


  1. BRAND

It may seem unimportant at first. However, the brand is a big factor to consider. Don’t get a gun belt from an unknown brand with no reviews. Make sure that the manufacturer is reliable and produces good quality products.


Related Questions

What makes a good gun belt?

A good gun belt is the one that is built to hold. It holds your firearm in its position, and it keeps your pants from dropping without you needing to repeatedly tighten the belt. Consider the belt buckle design before purchasing the belt. Traditional metal buckles do not work well for appendix carry but they provide a strong side-hip carry.

Do I need a specific belt for concealed carry?

Wearing a gun belt keeps your holster and gun from sagging outwards, which exposes the weapon. Carrying your firearm discreetly without wearing a gun belt is difficult. Unlike ordinary belts that will sag and slip due to the weight of your firearm, your gun belt will keep it in position. A gun belt designed for concealed carry does not stretch nor bends due to weight.

How Thick Should a Gun Belt Be?

Ideally, your gun belt should be between 1.5 – 2 inches thick. This extra thickness adds mass to the belt that makes it more secure. Gun belts that are used by soldiers, and law enforcement personnel are two-inch thicker or more in some cases. Choose a gun belt that handles your firearm and holster with ease.

What is the Difference between a Gun Belt and a Regular Belt?

The most telling difference between the two is their stability and strength. Unlike regular belts, gun belts are tougher and feature premium-grade materials that make them stiffer and give them ability to maintain shape. A gun belt allows a comfortable carry of your firearm discreetly.

Ordinary belt is not designed to handle the weight of your firearm, which is why you must buy a gun belt to safely discreetly carry your firearm.


I hope that this article will help you choose the best gun belt that suits your requirements.

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