7 Best Concealed Carry Jackets [2022]

A jacket isn’t just a fashionable piece of garment. For some, it can be a lifesaver. The best concealed carry jacket allows the person wearing it to have their trusted firearm on the person at all times.  

Some jackets come with enough room to holster more than one weapon on either side. This guide comes with all the necessary information you need to buy the best carry jacket for your firearm. 

The following jackets don’t just serve the best looks but also concealed pockets for versatility and durability. 

Top 3 Concealed Carry Jackets

Editor’s Choice

Cinch Concealed Black Carry Bonded Jacket

Best women's concealed carry clothing

  • High-quality fabric
  • Comfortable
  • Sleek black color
Premium Choice

Rothco Concealed Carry 3 Season Jacket

Best women's concealed carry clothing

  • High-quality fabric
  • Maximum comfort
  • Manufactured in the USA
Budget Choice

Gadsden and Culpeper Condor Jacket

Best women's concealed carry clothing

  • Supreme quality
  • Unique design
  • Available in multiple colors


1. Cinch Concealed Black Carry Bonded Jacket

Best women's concealed carry clothing

This is a popular option for people looking for daily wear options with concealed pockets. It is not very expensive neither too flashy. 

The Cinch Men’s Concealed Carry Bonded Jacket is a handy black jacket that comes with embroidered logos. These guarantee stylish looks and allow you to keep your firearm close at hand. 

This bonded jacket will let you keep warm and comfortable. Its soft fabric and easy-to-wear design ensure the best fit. This means the jacket will look good without disrupting your activities. 

Both arms come with Velcro straps to stick on your favorite patches. With or without patches, the jacket provides a sleek appearance and fits perfectly. It reaches just below the belt providing decent length. The jacket looks stylish and provides maximum versatility thanks to its concealed carry pockets. 

The Cinch Men’s Jacket comes with hook and loop fastened holsters. These allow safe and steady positioning of the gun. 

If you’re finding a reliable carry jacket to amp up your wardrobe, this one from Cinch won’t disappoint. It is comfortable, versatile, and comes with holsters to hold your weapon. The best part about this jacket is it won’t break the bank either. 

One notable drawback was that the holsters are not very reliable. This observation is only based on reviews of customers. We didn’t find any problem with the holsters’ potential. 

  • High-quality fabric.

  • Looks cool without compromising on comfort. 

  • Comes in a sleek black color and Velcro patches on both arms.

  • The sleeve length may be short for some.

  • The holster is not handy.

2. Rothco Concealed Carry 3 Season Jacket (Black)

Best women's concealed carry clothing

If budget is not a concern, this is the jacket for you. The Rothco Concealed 3 Season Carry Jacket’s design makes it ideal for the roughest and toughest users. 

It keeps you warm throughout the year while providing easy and quick access to a firearm. You get internal pockets to hold your pistol or gun. 

Buyers are given multiple sizing options to provide the best fit. Talking about the looks, we couldn’t ask for anything more. The stunning black design complements every outfit. From spring to fall, the Rothco 3 Season Jacket can be worn in any season. 

Unlike other carry bonded jackets, this one from Rothco is aesthetically pleasing. Besides that, the comfort level remains unmatched. 

The internet pockets are big enough to fit a gun but can be used to carry pistols too. However, smaller pistols may slide out of the pocket. This is because the pocket is only sealed using Velcro straps. Other than that, we could not find any flaws in the design or usability of this jacket. 

Overall, it is a premium option for people for whom style and comfort are of utmost importance. The two internal pockets provide enough room to carry your weapon but don’t protect smaller weapons from falling out. The only disadvantage of this carry jacket is the Velcro patches to seal your firearm. Although it works flawlessly for bigger guns, smaller pistols are prone to falling. 

  • Stitched from high-quality fabric. 

  • Provides snug fit and maximum comfort.

  • Manufactured in the USA.

  • The Velcro fasteners don’t provide fall protection. 

3. Gadsden and Culpeper Condor Jacket

Best women's concealed carry clothing

Most tactical jackets don’t come with many color options. This Condor Jacket from Gadsden and Culpepper is different. You get to choose from three versatile variants–Black, Tan, and Olive. All of these shades are attractive without being too flashy. This is a big plus point for tactical carry jackets. 

Gadsden and Culpepper manufacture some of the best tactical jackets and patches. Like the multiple color options, you can choose from a variety of patches from their store. 

To hold these patches, the Condor Jacket comes with two shoulder patch panels. Users can easily fasten the patches using the Velcro loop.

This tactical fleece jacket features a unique double zippered and drawstring waist design. Since it is a concealed carry jacket, it comes with multiple pockets. One-shoulder pocket and a pair of slash hand pockets. 

The material is part fleece and part nylon. The quality of the product is top-notch and thanks to the drawstring waist, it is a unisex option. You can easily alter its fitting as per your body type for a great fit. 

It is reasonably priced and delivers the best tactical solution. This Condor Jacket is one of our favorites on this list. It has multiple concealed pockets plus you get an extendible sleeve with thumb holes. 

For people on a strict budget, the Gadsden and Culpepper Condor Jacket is an affordable option. 

  • Supreme quality and unique design.

  • The brand manufactures thousands of combinations of patches for the jacket. 

  • Available in multiple colors.

  • Not ideal for people who like loose gear. 

4. Rothco Black Lightweight Carry Jacket

Best women's concealed carry clothing

This quality-tested product is a well-concealed carry jacket. However, note that the fitting is rather baggy. So it’s better to order a size smaller than what you usually opt for. Additionally, don’t expect a snug jacket that looks super chic. 

The Rothco Black Lightweight Carry Jacket is a budget option. You get a daily wear carry jacket with concealed pockets. 

That said, it comes with two concealed inner pockets on both sides to store your firearm. As mentioned previously, you get a quality-tested product for maximum durability. If you’re looking for a concealed carry jacket for rough use, this is a great pick. 

There is enough space to carry large guns too. However, if you wish to carry a pistol, you surely can. 

Rothco is a leading manufacturer of outdoor and sports gear. So, you will receive the best quality carry jacket. 

This jacket is not waterproof. The fabric used is cotton-blend denim. It is not advised to use this jacket if you may get wet on the mission. The Rothco Lightweight Carry Jacket is exactly what is advertised. Don’t expect too much. It is not very warm and not recommended on cold days. 

Overall, this is a good low-cost option that will last very long. If you don’t like body-hugging jackets, try this one from Rothco. It offers a versatile and stylish solution to carry your firearm.

  • Lightweight design best for everyday use.

  • Available in two colors.

  • Not warm enough in cold weather.

  • Size is too big (size down while ordering).

5. Smith & Wesson Shooting Jacket (XXL) 

Best women's concealed carry clothing

The Smith & Wesson Shooting Jacket is stylish and comfortable at the same time. For its design, the manufacturer took inspiration from vintage military uniforms. The jacket boasts a durable nylon shell and a water-resistant exterior. 

It is a versatile alternative that can take whatever you throw at it. Wear it on the shooting range, at home, or on your day out. Wherever you go, this shooting jacket makes the best companion. 

This Men’s Shooting Jacket offers straightforward hassle-free concealed carry outerwear. It is packed with gun-friendly features. You can easily carry your weapon with you at all times. For added protection, the pockets come with a zipper and snap closures. 

This jacket is perfect when you’re traveling too. You can keep your valuables on you without drawing too much attention. 

But, while we are talking about attention, let us clarify one thing. This jacket looks gorgeous and is sure to make others envious. The detailing on this carry jacket is to die for. Snaps, zippers, printed lining, and many intricate details make it one of the best in town. 

However, this product is very expensive and not a great option if you’re low on cash. This is why it’s not the first one on our list. 

Other than that, we highly recommend this premium jacket despite its cost!

  • Tailored fit adds an oomph factor.

  • Ensures a full range of motion.  

  • Premium designing and materials used.

  • Extremely overpriced.

6. Cinch Black Concealed Carry Bonded Jacket (Women’s) 

Best women's concealed carry clothing

When it comes to concealed jackets, there aren’t many options for women. But Cinch makes sure that the ladies aren’t left behind with this phenomenal black carry bonded jacket.  

You get a concealed carry pocket on the chest making it easier to carry the firearm. It is carefully sealed with a zipper to ensure the gun remains inside. 

Its stylish design makes it one of the choicest carry jackets on the market. It is made from high-quality polyester and also features polyester lining. 

Besides sleek looks, this jacket is a great way to stay safe. You can carry a licensed firearm or a knife with you wherever you go. Especially if you’re going to be out late. In case of an emergency, simply draw out the weapon and protect yourself. 

It also features a high-rise collar to keep you warm on cold days. Due to its lack of hood, it is not ideal for stormy conditions but gets the job done. For women, getting this jacket is a no-brainer. It keeps you warm and lets you carry a firearm with you in its concealed pocket. 

Overall, we loved its snug fit and comfortable material. The concealed pockets are a bonus when paired with its brilliant stitching. 

  • High-rise collar keeps you warm and looks good.

  • The fabric used is soft and comfortable.

  • Not many sizes are available. 

7. Rothco Concealed Soft Shell Carry Jacket 

Best women's concealed carry clothing

The last option on our list, but certainly not the least. This jacket by Rothco is another innovative product. 

This versatile carry jacket boasts a 3-layer construction. It keeps you warm, deflects heavy winds, and keeps away moisture. The material used is waterproof making it great for any weather. 

The Rothco Soft Shell Carry Jacket features two mag pouches on either side and another concealed pocket. 

For people who get cold often, this is a quick and budget-friendly way to stay warm. As you guessed, this jacket is inspired by our military heritage. It features Velcro straps on both arms. You can strap on your patches with ease. 

The overall construction seems light and durable. As far as concealed pockets go, this outerwear has multiple pockets. 

The Rothco Concealed Soft Shell Carry Jacket also comes with zippers to ensure proper ventilation. It not only has a front-zipper but also zippers on the arms for better airflow. 

Moving to the cons, the zipper on the chest can be difficult to manage. It opens down. So, anything that is in the pocket may slide out easily. 

There is no way to fasten a firearm in the concealed pockets. So, with movement, the gun or pistol may fall out of it. 

  • It has many pockets.

  • The material keeps you warm and cozy.

  • Does not come with hooks or straps to fasten the weapon. 

How to Choose the Best Concealed Carry Jacket

Buying the best-concealed carry jacket is not easy. It requires a lot of consideration and research. And when you start researching, you’ll see there are thousands of options available. 

Shortlist some good options and compare their pros and cons to find the jacket of your dreams. 

A good rule of thumb when buying a concealed carry jacket is to not buy based on the price. 

Need help in finding the best concealed carry jacket?

That’s what we’re here for. In this section, let’s look at the factors you must consider to buy a concealed carry jacket. 

Factors to Consider When Buying a Concealed Carry Jacket

Storage Room and Concealment

First, look for how big the concealed pocket is. Look at the measurements and check whether your gun will fit in it. 

If the size of the pocket is smaller than your licensed weapon, it is not for you. Find a piece that features the right-sized concealed pockets to keep your firearm. 

Resistance Against the Elements 

Is the fabric waterproof?

Will the jacket protect you in windy conditions?

Is the material warm enough?

Will it withstand harsh sunlight?

Find answers to all these questions before you buy the jacket. You don’t want a jacket that cannot keep you warm. And if you want to keep the gun protected from moisture and water, look for a waterproof or water-resistant jacket. 

Weapon Access and Pocket Closure 

Make sure the concealed pocket has a secure system to hold your weapon in place. Velcro and zippered pockets offer maximum security. Don’t get a jacket that cannot hold a firearm safely. The last thing you should be worrying about is misplacing your gun. 

Comfort and Fit

Finally, look for a model that is smart and stylish. But you shouldn’t be compromising on comfort. So, find a concealed carry jacket that is comfortable plus stylish. 

Don’t go for something too flashy, you might end up catching unwanted attention towards the weapon.  

As for the fit, you can choose it based on your preference. There are two typical options—loose fit and snug fit. Whatever you are comfortable with is the best option in this case. 


Do concealed carry jackets come with hooks and Velcro fasteners? 

The best-concealed carry jackets have these features. Having Velcro straps to hold the weapon in place is important for your safety. Otherwise, the gun may easily fall out of the pocket. 

Additionally, many jackets come with Velcro straps on both arms. These are perfect to stick patches onto the jacket. 

What factors should I consider when buying a jacket with concealed pockets? 

Factors that you must consider include the number of pockets, storage space, water resistance, appearance, and the fabric. 

Another important factor is how good is the jacket at hiding your gun?

Does it leave an imprint on the exterior?

If so, better to leave it. 

It also helps to decide where you would be wearing it and the climate there. Is it sunny, rainy, or cold?

These factors play a major role in deciding which concealed carry jacket is best for you. 

What material is best for a concealed carry jacket? 

Remember that all concealed jackets are not the same. There’s a variety of fabrics to choose from. From fleece, polyester to cotton and denim, the list is endless. 

Based on the usage and location, choose the material that best suits you. 

Do I need any other gear with a CCW jacket? 

No, you don’t need anything else with a reliable concealed carry jacket. They are enough to conceal your firearm safely without much hassle. 

However, if you want you can always buy a holster to safely place your gun in the concealed pocket. 


Concealed carry jackets come in different sizes and selected colors. Don’t miss the right size selection so that your weapon fits in the pocket. Some jackets may offer a relaxed fit while some may seem baggy. It is all about your preference for weapons and style.

Our list of the best concealed carry jackets can help pick a good option for people in a hurry. But if you want to find a carry jacket on your own, simply refer to the guide. 

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