Best Concealed Carry Holster for S&W Shield 2022 – HONEST REVIEW

When looking for the best concealed carry holster for S&W Shield, one cannot avoid the brand’s rich history. The Smith & Wesson brand was born in 1852, and throughout the years, it has become a household name amongst firearm enthusiasts and novices alike.

The M & P (Military and Police) range, which encompasses the Shield, was first produced in 1899 through the .38 M & P revolver.


Top 3 Choice Awards

Editor’s Choice

Alien Gear Cloak 3.5 IWB Holster

Best concealed carry holster for s&w shield

  • Durable
  • Interchangeable shell system
  • Free lifetime trades of shells
Premium Choice

Viridian Crossbreed Holster

Best concealed carry holster for s&w shield

  • Comfortable
  • Fits at the front of the waist
  • Pocket is hand-molded
Budget Choice

Concealment Express Kydex IWB Holster

Best concealed carry holster for s&w shield

  • Very Lightweight
  • Concealable
  • Durable

S & W Shield Details & Specifications

The S & W Military & Police Shield is a slim, lightweight, concealable, striker-fired polymer pistol. This pistol has a 9mm version as well as a .40 version. The models are standardized with a 3.1-inch barrel, an overall length of 6.1 inches, and .94 inches wide svelte. This pistol carries 19 ounces of weight when unloaded.

The S & W Shield comes with a 5.3-inch sight radius for smooth target acquisition and an 18-degree optimized grip. The pistol features an adjustable rest, which allows for consistency and accuracy when firing multiple rounds.

Both versions of the S&W Shield have a flush fit or extended magazines. The capacity for the 9mm S&W Shield is 7+1 or 8+1 rounds, and the .40 version has 6+1 or 7+1 rounds.

The S & W shield has Novak ramp rear and front sights. There is an option for tritium night sights as an upgrade.

The trigger pull is 6.5 pounds so the recoil is significant but manageable.

Best S & W Shield Concealed Carry Holsters

When seeking the best Concealed Carry Holster S&W Shield, an IWB type holster is an ideal option. This form of holster has better concealment as it gives a thinner weapon profile. Its biggest drawback comes in comfort when worn. Most CCW owners counter this through different positions of wearing the holster using clock references in relation to the waist as pointers.

Right-handed users position their holsters with the belly button being the 12 o’clock reference point, in the 2 o’clock position, the 3′ o’clock position, and the 4 o’clock position. Left-handed users carry their firearms in the 8 o’clock position, 9 o’clock position, and 10 o’clock position.

1. S&W M&P Shield 9mm/40 Inside Waistband Concealed Carry Holster

S&W M&P Shield 9mm/40 Inside Waistband Concealed Carry Holster


Highlights – This S&W Shield Concealed Carry Holster is budget-friendly. Both compact and durable as it is made from a tough polymer. Molded into the shape of the S&W Shield to match its silhouette.

Includes a trigger guard lock with an audible sound when the pistol has been appropriately holstered. This S&W Conceal Carry holster has a clip attachment, giving the user the ability for IWB options.

Performance – As far as S&W Shield Concealed Carry holsters go, the Blade-Tech Industries M & P Shield Concealed Holster is a bargain. It brings both affordability and compact design, and on the other hand, it is durable and gives firearm protection.

This holster’s polymer material is rigid and can feel the same on the body, which would undoubtedly be uncomfortable if you have a desk job or driving.

  • Budget-friendly

  • Variable options of wearing it

  • A trigger guard lock

  • Too rigid for sitting

  • Too rigid for sitting

  • Uncomfortable in certain positions

2. Pro Carry S&W Shield IWB Holster

Pro Carry S&W M&P Sub Compact HD CCW Leather IWB Gun Holster Brown


Highlights – This holster is one for comfort as it is made of soft and pliable leather. The Pro Carry S&W Shield IWB Holster has neat stitching in essential areas of the holster that gives the firearm an excellent and secure fit and allows the user’s movement without a rigid feel.

This holster makes it among the best concealed Carry Holster S&W Shield because of its size as well. It is just slightly larger than the S&W Shield firearm and maintains the concealment aspect.

  • Affordable

  • Pliable leather

  • Prone to wear and tear

  • Does not protect the gun from elements

3. Concealment Express Kydex IWB Holster

Concealment Express IWB KYDEX Holster (Carbon Fiber Black) - Inside Waistband - Adj. Cant & Posi-Click Retention - Claw Compatible - 100% US Made


Highlights – This S&W Shield Conceal carry holster is a great minimalist holster that can be clipped onto a belt quite easily. It also allows for wearing it in different positions. It has easily adjustable retention screws. The holster holds the firearm firmly and has an audible sound when the pistol is holstered.

The Concealment Express Kydex IWB Holster is lightweight due to the Kydex material. The cant is adjustable through a 15-degree range based on your comfort and draws preferences.

Performance -The Concealment Express Kydex IWB Holster conceals the gun very well. The Kydex material is of good quality and durable. The holster has an undercut trigger guard that provides a completely unhindered smooth draw.

The edges can be sharp when it is first bought, giving some discomfort.

  • Very Lightweight

  • Adjustable for comfort and draw style

  • Very concealable

  • Durable

  • A bit uncomfortable at the beginning

4. DeSantisDie Hard

DeSantis Die Hard S&W Shield Right Hand Black


Highlights – Another leather S&W Shield Conceal Carry holster, the DeSantis Die Hard Holster, is great for deep concealment. In situations where the Smith and Wesson M&P Shield is not your primary weapon, and you still want to carry the Shield on your ankle, then the Die Hard is perfect.

The top grain saddle leather has an exterior PU coat finishing for extra toughness and protecting your Shield from the elements. It has a smooth lining that protects your Shield and provides a smooth draw when in action.

There is plenty of retention due to the molded leather and extra security in the form of a conventional thumb. This DeSantis Gunhide product has optimized holstering through a reinforced mouth.

Performance -The elastic neoprene leg band sits well on the ankle. This S& W Shield Conceal carry holster goes the extra mile in comfort by using thick neoprene foam that is sheepskin lined. This gives a soft cushion for all-day comfort.

  • A great option when not comfortable with carrying in the waist.

  • Top grain saddle leather and polyurethane coating for extra strength and toughness

  • Smooth interior lining to protect your gun’s finish and provide a smooth draw

  • Good quality does not come cheap

5. Relentless Tactical The Defender

Relentless Tactical The Defender Leather IWB Holster


Highlights – Considered one of the best, if not the best IWB S&W Shield Conceal Carry holster on the market, the Relentless Tactical The Defender is wilily adored. It is made from bull hide my master craftsmen, speaking to the quality of the product.

Its leather body creates a slimmer profile that enhances concealment. One holster can accommodate both the 9mm and .40 versions of the Smith& Wesson M&P Shield.

Performance– It is form-fitted and comfortable for the user. The material is durable, and the lifetime warranty is a bonus. It is also versatile enough to carry similar types of firearms to the S&W Shield.

  • Durable and good quality

  • Can carry either of the two Shield versions

  • Lifetime warranty

  • You will not break the bank but comes as pricey versus other options

6. Galco KT652B Kingtuk

KingTuk Deluxe Inside The Waistband Holster


Highlights – This option for the best concealed Carry Holster S&W Shield is made of a combination of Kydex and leather. The body is made of Napa leather and lined saddle leather, while the holster is made of Kydex.

There is the distribution of friction by the wide-body panel, and your firearm’s finish is protected from scratches by the Kydex. THE TheGalco KT652B Kingtuk Shield holster has adjustable metal belt clips for ease of positioning of the holster.

This holster is popular in the military and law enforcement.

Performance -It contends among the best S&W Shield Conceal Carry holsters. Its soft leather gives comfort while its Kydex gives durable protection. The moveable metal clips allow for great variation in the positioning by the user. It is, however, not suitable for jobs with a lot of desk work or sitting.

  • Both leather and Kydex

  • Friction distribution

  • Medium cost

  • A bit on the bulky side

  • Hard to sit with

7. CYA Supply S&W Shield Holster

Barrel Inside Waistband Holster


Highlights – This is another inside the waistband holster for the S&W Shield. The plastic material, Boltaron, is long-lasting, fire-retardant, chemical, and abrasion-resistant, which makes it durable.

The holster attaches to the belt with a plastic clip. The cant is adjustable through a 15-degree range using a hex key that comes with the holster.

This S&W Shield Conceal Carry holster also has adjustable retention. Drag has been eliminated in the drawing and holstering through the use of standoffs. The plastic clip, one and a half inches wide, enables easy and fast on and off clipping. The Boltaron material in this holster is generally 0.8 thick with smooth and minimal bulk for comfort.

Performance -This holster contends among the best S&W Shield Conceal Carry holster as it gives great comfort with no sharp edges as all edges are polished smoothly. It has a lifetime warranty speaking to the quality of the product.

  • Adjustable cant with the key provided

  • Flexible retention pressure

  • An option for fast on and off belt clipping

  • High quality and durable material

  • The plastic clip means it can move about unnecessarily.

8. Bedone OWB Holster, S&W Shield Conceal Carry Holster

 M&P Shield 9mm OWB Paddle Holster


Highlights – There are many Inside the Waistband holsters around, and with the abundance of choice in that area, the Outside the Waistband market is a challenge to sift through.

This S&W Shield Conceal Carry Holster is suitable for both the 9mm and the .40 Shield variants. Its smooth interior is non-abrasive as it is made of silicone and protects the Shield’s finish in drawing and holstering. The platform uses a large clip for attachment and allows a 30 degree carrying angle.

There is an Auto-Lock Mechanism for security during holstering and for extra assurance, an audible click sound. The retention is solid, but you can finger press the automatic lock button for release.

Performance – There is a smooth and effortless drawing due to the silicone finish. The polymer has smooth edges for comfort and is durable.

  • Cheap

  • Allows for both calibers of the S&W Shield

  • Intuitive retention release lever

  • Smooth silicone finish allowing smooth drawing

  • Designed for right-handed people

9. Alien Gear Cloak 3.5 IWB Holster

Alien Gear Cloak Tuck 3.5 IWB Holster


Highlights -The Alien Gear Cloak 3.0 would have made it to the list of the best concealed carry holsters for S&W Shield, but the 3.5 just pips over it. Alien Gear is a reputable brand and famous for its hybrid Cloak Tuck and Shapeshift lines. The Cloak Tuck 3.5 is no different and made up of two different materials.

It has a spring steel core for a backing plate covered by a multi-layered backing. This backing’s interior has a soft neoprene side and a thermos-elastomer on the exterior. T

he Alien Gear Cloak 3.5 IWB Holster’s base is flexible and allows for the attachment of a custom-molded retention shell. This shell system allows for the interchanging of shells and switches in firearms carried.

Performance –The backer is smaller and better than the previous version. There is flexibility with the neoprene as well as a moisture barrier. The surface gives off a good aesthetic appearance and is durable. The universal shell system does come in handy with different firearms. There is an optimal drag with its Alien Skin, thermos elastomer.

  • Durable

  • Interchangeable shell system

  • Free lifetime trades of shells

  • Waterproof

  • The interchangeable system only valid with other Alien Gear shells

10. Viridian Crossbreed Holster

Viridian Crossbreed Holster


Materials – The Viridian Reactor IWB holsters for S&W Shield are high-quality holsters with the allowance of wearing them in front of the waist for those with such a preference.

This S&W holster is made of soft cowhide leather. It has a panel that evenly distributes friction against the body made of the same leather.

A cross-breed hand-molded pocket that covers the holster over the barrel of the gun. This prevents the gun from rattling or slipping during daily activities. Specially designed to complement other Viridian accessories such as pistols equipped with Viridian Reactor Series lasers and lights.

These lasers and lights automatically turn on when the gun is drawn.

Performance – The Viridian Reactor Series holster is among the best Concealed Carry holster’s contenders for the S&W Shield. This is primarily due to its hand-molded and comfortable leather. It offers a dynamic touch from other holsters as the absence of a cant allows for cross draw.

This also makes it significantly more comfortable for the user to wear the holster during the day while performing everyday tasks that might require bending.

  • Its leather material is comfortable

  • Fits at the front of the waist as it has no cants

  • Pocket is hand-molded

  • Higher price



Guide to Choosing the Best Holster

While this list of best Concealed Carry Holster for the S&W Shield seeks to make your choice easier, there are a few things that one can or should take note of when choosing a holster for your S&W Shield. These help you to make an informed choice of the current best concealed Carry Holster S&W Shield on offer for the S&W Shield and other firearms.


The holster quality

Questions are likely to be raised by any consumer about the likely purchase quality. These questions also include the material that is used in producing the holster. Holsters that use leather would have the following question around the quality of leather used in the holster production.

It is also worth noting the weight of the leather or Kydex as this has a bearing on the overall feel of the holster when carried.

The holster’s thickness and durability are important as they help determine the holster’s lifespan or if you will be looking for a replacement soon. The skin is subject to irritation from the holster material, or the sweat from the skin can damage the material, and good quality material covers that.

The reputation of the company speaks as well about the effort it puts into its products. This reputation is closely linked with the warranty on the products. One should also ideally consider the weight and bulk of the holster as you walk around with it. Lastly, the design performance in protecting the gun and enhancing the gun’s withdrawal is important as well.


Holster Comfort

If you are going to wear the holster all day, naturally, comfort comes to mind. One needs to consider the comfort the holster provides when in different positions or postures such as sitting, walking, twisting, or bending. Are you able to use the holster or wear it while driving?

The holster should provide comfort to the point of not being aware of it on you. The overall comfort while using the holster should be considered when ultimately picking one as it is like your belt or clothing.


Fit and Adaptability

An ideal holster should be flexible enough to use with different types of firearms with other accessories such as a laser sight or light. A lot of holsters are made specifically for just one particular brand of firearm and are rarely versatile. If the holster comes with additional adjustments that allow it to adapt to other firearms, this allows greater adaptability.

Another issue worth considering is if one can draw the gun without the holster parts interfering in the process. The holster should give sufficient protection in preventing the following:

Disengagement, accidentally, of the safety mechanism of the firing pin;

Accidental discharge of the trigger during draw;

Forward or backward movement of the hammer while in the holster


Final Thoughts

It goes without saying that the Smith & Wesson M&P Shield is a top-tier concealed carry firearm. The best you can do to pay homage to this beauty is pairing it with an equally great holster. Each model on this list of the best concealed carry Holster for S&W Shield is designed with its unique strengths in mind, HAPPY HUNTING!

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