8 Best Long Gun Safes And How To Choose [2022]

Keeping your firearm locked in the safe will protect your family members and neighbors. Investing in a gun safe can be a great investment for many reasons.

To help you make sure you are buying the best long gun safe, that offers excellent protection to your gun, keeps your gun out of children’s reach, and provides a good build quality. we have compiled an in-depth review of the best long gun safes available on the market today.

Top 3 Choice Awards

Editors Choice

Stack-On GCDB-924 Double-Door Steel Cabinet

Best long gun safe

  • Space for 10 guns
  • 3 point locking system
  • Extra space for valuables
Premium Choice

The Arsenal 60″ x 40″ x 28″ Burgundy & Gold

Best long gun safe

  • Wide body
  • Five shelves
  • Steel body
Budget Choice

Gun Metal Storage Safe Cabinet with Secure Lock

Best long gun safe

  • Lightweight
  • Electronic locking system
  • Solid steel construction


1. Stack-On GCDB-924 10-Gun Double-Door Steel Security Cabinet

Amazon Basics Fire Resistant Box SafeThe Stack-On Gun Double-Door Security Cabinet is a full-size long gun safety cabinet. This gun safe has enough room inside to fit up to 54-inch long rifles and shotguns. Firearm owners can store up to 10 long guns inside the safety cabinet.

The cabinet also offers four large foam padded removable steel shelves. These are perfect for storing ammunition and other valuables such as jewelry, precious metals, etc.

With a 2-point locking mechanism that is key coded and has a double-bitted lock, the Stack-On Double Door Steel Security is among the safest gun safes available on the market.

This gun safe can store up to seven long guns, with room available for more. Users can fill up to five thousand rounds of ammo on the left side and up to three handguns with rugs.

  • Space for 10 guns

  • Extra space for valuables

  • 3 point locking system

  • Separate keys, one for each side

  • Not fireproof

2. The Arsenal 60″ x 40″ x 28″ Burgundy & Gold

Amazon Basics Fire Resistant Box SafeThe Arsenal 60″ x 40″ x 28″ Burgundy & Gold is a long gun safe designed for firearm owners who seek thicker and durable safes. The safe’s metallic walls are five times thick compared to typical safes on the market.

Arsenal Burgundy Gold safe comes with semi-glossy paint, a roomy presidential interior, and 5 prong bankers wheel. Carpeted sidewalls and doors protect guns and valuables from scratching.

The safe features a double relocking system arrangement to facilitate efficient locking and unlocking. The front side has a double door arrangement. The doors and body of the safe are fireproof. There is a 4-level loaded relocking arrangement that features brass arms. Combo lock arrangement is available with the option to choose a type-1 digital lock system.

Inside, the safe has plenty of storage space available. Users can keep as many as 30 long bore rifles and shotguns without any problem. The safe is available in many different configurations.

Users can choose the type of configuration that best suits their needs. The wide-body safe has offered protection and safety to your guns and valuables.

  • Wide body

  • Up to 30 long run racks

  • Five shelves

  • Steel body

  • Thick metallic walls

  • Weight is on the heavy side

3. Gun Safe Security Cabinet, Gun Metal Storage Safe Cabinet with Secure Lock Compartment by Amebee Hold Multi Rifles Blade Lock Gun Cabinet (5 Rifles Digital & Key Lock)

Amazon Basics Fire Resistant Box SafeA full-stack long gun security cabinet comes loaded dual option locking system. The electronic lock can be opened manually in case of an emergency. Users can open and close the lock using a password or manually through a key. This gun safety cabinet has a solid steel body and doors and can store up to 5 long guns and rifles.

The electronic locking system is reprogrammable. Users can reprogram when they need. The heavy-duty gun cabinet has tick doors and sidewalls that make it durable.

The electronic locking mechanism protects your firearms and valuables from theft or robbery attempts.

The stylish gun cabinet can also serve as storage for other precious valuables and sensitive documents.

Inside the package, you will find a gun safe cabinet, a set of keys, stainless expansion screws, a user manual, and batteries.

A sponge buttstock is also included in the package to keep your firearm clean and dust-free.

  • Lightweight

  • Electronic locking system

  • Additional space for valuables

  • Solid steel construction

  • Narrow

4. Pentagon The Frontier 72″ Tall x 46″ Wide x 28″ deep Black & Silver

Amazon Basics Fire Resistant Box SafePentagon the Frontier is a gun safe that is built to last. The safe offers two color options for users – black and silver. The safe features walls and doors that are 5 times thicker than competing gun safes.

The extra roomy interior can hold up to 40 guns in addition to valuables and documents.

This gun safe comes with a manual locking mechanism. There is no electronic locking available. The mechanical locking mechanism uses a brass arm relocker.

A 4 spring-loaded relocker is available that provides extra safety to your guns and valuables.

The gun safe can also accommodate long barrel guns, as there is ample room available.

Inside of the safe features a presidential interior. All walls and doors are carpeted. Soft carpeting keeps your firearms and valuables free from scratches.

  • Extra thick walls and door

  • Metal construction

  • Rugged and durable locks

  • Carpeted interior

  • Manual lock

5. The Special Forces, up to 17 Long Guns 60″ Tall X 32″ Wide X 28″ Deep with Handle, Burgundy & Gold, S&g Dial Combo Lock

Amazon Basics Fire Resistant Box SafeThe Special Forces Long Gun Safe is designed to store long guns and rifles. The safe has an all-metal construction with extra thick doors and sidewalls. The walls are 5 times thicker when compared to typical long gun safes.

There is ample storage space available to accommodate up to 17 long guns and rifles. The safe is 60 inches tall, 32 inches wide, and 28 inches deep.

There is space available after storing 17 long firearms where you can store documents and valuables.

This gun safe features a dial combo lock. The locking mechanism has a 4 spring-loaded relocker and a brass relocker arm. Users have the option to choose an American-made key along with a combo lock system.

Additionally, there is an option to equip the safe with a type-1 digital lock for quick access.

At the front, the safe features a two-step system door with a total thickness of 5 inches. The inclusion of steel bolt shields makes the safe more secure. The overall calculated thickness of walls and doors is less than 6 inches.

Other safety features include 14 locking bars, half-inch thick steel bolt protectors, double fire insulation and steel door, and anti-pry doors.

  • Double fireproofing

  • 5 inch thick doors and walls

  • 14 locking bars

  • Steel bolt protectors

  • No electronic locks

6. The Sergeant 7-10 Long Guns, 60″ Tall X 25″ Wide x 22″ Deep with Handle, Black & Silver, S&G Biometric Fingerprint lock

Amazon Basics Fire Resistant Box SafeThe Sergeant Long Gun Biometric Fingerprint Lock Safe is a relatively fresh entrant on the market. This safe offers users a mix of conventional as well as innovative features. The overall design is traditional, with thick sidewalls and a front door.

The lightweight of the safe makes it easy to move around and hide in areas to keep it safe from burglars. Despite its lightweight, the safe offers decent protection for firearms and valuables.

The safe has enough space to hold up to 6 long barrel guns, such as shotguns. There are five side shelves for storing smaller firearms or valuables. The 4-level spring-loaded relocker is rugged and moves swiftly.

There is a brass arm relocker in the lock. Other locking options include a combo lock with a key or a type-1 digital lock with fast access.

The safe has a top and bottom bolt system with 2 fire extinguishing gaskets. It has a bolt-down kit and a convertible interior that acts as an extra gun rack or extra gun shelves.

This gun safe comes with a conditional lifetime warranty. Customers also get a fire warranty.

  • 90 minute fireproofing

  • Spacious

  • Top, bottom bolt system

  • Biometric fingerprint lock

  • Less storage space for long guns

7. Mesa Safe Company MBF6032E 14.4 Cubic Foot 30 Rifle Gun Safe with Digital Lock

Amazon Basics Fire Resistant Box SafeMesa Safe Company is known for providing gun safes and safety cabinets. The new MBF Rifle Gun Safe with Digital Lock offers protection for rifles and long guns. The safe has a black texture and is designed to provide maximum protection for firearms and valuables.

The safe has a conventional design and 6 half and two full shelves for storing guns and valuables. The safe offers up to one hour of fire protection. The manufacturer claims that the safe can withstand temperatures exceeding 1700 degrees Fahrenheit for one hour.

Exterior has a matte finish and all-metal steel body door and sidewalls.

It features electronic locks and fingerprint memory. The waterproofing rating of the safe is not available. This gun safe is 59 inches tall and 32 inches wide. The overall outside depth is 22 inch with doors reaching 51-inch height when opened.

The overall weight is 880 lbs. The shelf can house up to 22 rifles and long guns. The one-and-a-half-inch thick solid steel deadbolts protect against attempts of forced entry.

User access is provided through battery-operated electronic locks that are protected with spring loaded reloaded device. MESA safes have a limited lifetime warranty.

  • 1-hour fire rating

  • Can withstand 1750 degree Fahrenheit

  • Holds up to 22 guns

  • Waterproof

  • Access through fingerprint

  • Locking mechanism jams

8. ZOKOP Digital Gun Safe Box 5-Rifle Firearm Storage Cabinet Black

Amazon Basics Fire Resistant Box SafeThe total size ZOKOP Digital Gun Safe is for those who have more than one firearm. The safe has a heavy-duty construction and a solid steel body. The safe looks rugged and durable and can store up to five rifles and long guns.

The locking mechanism is electronic and can is password protected. User must create and register own password before using the safe.

The package includes up to four spare keys for accessing the safe during an emergency. The electronic lock is reprogrammable for users who frequently change their passwords for added safety.

There is enough internal storage space to house rifles and valuables. Additional space is available through separate lock boxes for storing small valuables or bullets.

  • Steel construction

  • Electronic reprogrammable locks

  • Space for five rifles and valuables

  • Backup manual access

  • Fireproofing rating not available


Buying Guide For Choosing A Long Gun Safe

A gun safe keeps your gun and family protected. Investing in a gun safe has a multitude of benefits. Your gun safe covers your firearm and family members at the same time. It keeps the gun out of your children’s reach. Buying a gun safe that lasts longer is a worthy investment.

The safe keeps your guns and ammo adequately stored when not in use. Having a gun safe at home keeps your family and neighbors protected. A fireproof gun safe protects your firearms in the event of accidental fire. Holding a gun safe at home qualifies gun owners with Gun Access Prevention Law.

How many guns can you store in the safe?

Different gun safes offer various storage capacities. As a user, it is up to you to choose a gun safe that suits your storage requirements. Those of you who own a handgun and rifle should look to have a gun safe with enough shelves to store both.

Make sure to invest in a gun safe that has extra space available for storing your valuables. Some gun owners look to invest in wide-body gun safes that offer extra space for ammunition storage.

Is your gun safe fireproof?

If you are looking for a fireproof gun safe, make sure to go through each safe specs. However, the majority of gun safes offer to be fireproof, while others do not. Make sure that the safe you purchase has a verifiable fireproofing rating mentioned.

Should you invest in an interior padded gun safe?

Some gun safes have an interior soft padding on sidewalls and the front door. Extra padding protects metallic parts such as the barrel, trigger, and buttstock. The padding also helps protect gun ammunition and your precious valuables.

Why look for a safe with extra storage compartments for ammo and pistols?

Firearm owners must invest in gun safes with extra space available. Many gun safes on the market have compartments for ammo and pistol storage. It is on you to find a gun safe to accommodate your firearm and ammo just as quickly.

Manual or digital locking mechanism?

Some firearm owners prefer gun safes having old-school manual locks. Others look for safes featuring electronic locks. Both locks offer adequate safety and are easy to operate.

Fingerprint-operated digital locks instantly open and close. Manual locks take more time and need keys to operate while digital locks do not.

Size and weight of the gun safe?

Gun safes come in different sizes and weight categories. Small safes are for pistols, while wide body safes are for longer barrel shotguns and rifles. A bigger gun safe weighs more but provides excellent protection.

Warranty or no warranty?

Looking for a gun safe with a warranty is recommended. Make sure to buy a safe that has warranty coverage. Some safes offer a limited warranty, while others come with a lifetime warranty. Buy a safe that has lifetime warranty coverage.

Locking bolts or locking bars?

Gun safes featuring pin-type locking bolts have been around for over a century. Locking bolts are still going strong and are shared among hotel and residential safes. Some gun safes utilize extra-strong but expensive military style locking bars.

These bars come from solid steel and contain no connection points. Safes featuring locking bars can be more expensive.


This article will help you find the best long gun safes 2021 by comparing side by side, our personal favorites, Happy Hunting!

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